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CAT Exam 2017, what do you expect from me?

 CAT Exam 2017

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Published: Monday, 14 August 2017 12:47 PM

O' CAT, what do you expect from me?

CAT 2017 is being conducted on November 26, 2017 and focused aspirants like you are preparing for exam. But you need to maintain enthusiasm to achieve mission CAT. 

CAT is an annual exam, conducted by the IIMs, that decides the destiny of lakhs of aspirants who apply for it.  It is unlike any other exam, because of the twists and turns that are integral to it and also the element of unpredictability that accompanies it. No wonder, it is one of the toughest exams to crack in India. It is safe to assume that the CAT exam will defy all your expectations and spring a surprise and even shock. You can only try to meet CAT’s expectations and leave the rest to destiny.

Hard Work

One thing that CAT expects all the aspirants to do is work hard. The extensive syllabus of CAT demands committed hard work from the aspirants. It is a fact that CAT is full of unexpected twists and turns and the questions are not always direct. Only a candidate, who has covered all kinds of expected and unexpected questions would feel confident going into the exam. This may require solving 400-500 questions of a particular section or set of questions, which obviously required dedicated hard work.


As much as the CAT exam is about hard work, it is also about smart work. Slogging for hours and hours is not the ideal way to prepare for CAT. But knowing where to put in your effort and how much is how you should prepare. In CAT, you don’t have to attempt all questions. Picking up the right questions to attempt in the exam is part of being smart, as the exam carries negative marking. Aspirants should use the mock tests to identify their errors and form their strategies. It is important to remember that you may consider yourself to be smart and intelligent but in an exam such as CAT, which depends on percentile score, you need to be smarter than the others.

Skill Sets

CAT expects you to have specific skill sets that will make you a suitable candidate for the management course and the world of business. Apart from subject knowledge, which precedes everything else, the aspirants need to develop their analytical skills, critical reasoning skills, calculation skills, interpretation, concentration and so on. Besides this, you should know how to manage time, eliminate the wrong choices and stay calm under pressure. All these skills are a important for a management executive to have, therefore, the CAT exam incorporates these to test whether an aspirant has them or not.

Speed and Accuracy

CAT expects you to have speed and accuracy. An aspirant gets roughly around 45 seconds to finish a question. This includes reading up passages and comprehending them, solving para jumbles, mathematical questions and more. The aspirant must work on increasing his/ her speed without compromising on accuracy.

Finally, CAT expects you to put your best foot forward and prepare for it as if it your life depends on it.

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