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Pythagoras & Apollonius Theorems

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Updated : Tuesday, 03 May, 2016 03:45 PM

Year by year CAT aspirants face surprises and going by previous year trends, CAT 2016 might also give you some new surprises hence, solution to handle toughness of CAT is that you should practice with relevant questions with solution. 

Please attempt following question and apply solution for practice: 


There are two concentric circles of radii 7 cm and 8 cm. PQ, a diameter of the larger circle, cuts the smaller circle at S and T. A tangent drawn from Q touches the inner circle at R. What is the length of PR (in cm)?

CAT 2015 QA - Pythagoras & Apollonius Theorems


 CAT 2015 QA - Pythagoras & Apollonius Theorems

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