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Executive MBA

The Executive MBA

A course for Rising Managers

The global economy has expanded manifold and is constantly throwing up both challenges and opportunities. The present business environment requires effective executive who combine theoretical knowledge with practical problem-solving skills. The need is for talented people with adequate corporate experience, excellent cross-cultural skills and an awareness of the emerging global business scenario.

The Executive MBA program was created in response to these needs. It aims to develop executive who can meet the emerging and, in some cases, unforeseen challenges of global business. The program curriculum designed by various colleges and universities emphasizes practical problem-solving and the development of cross-cultural skills. Courses and course modules aim to improve communication, team-building and leadership skills.

The Executive MBA, commonly referred to as the EMBA, is designed specifically to enhance the careers of working business professionals, managers and executives. The EMBA is usually geared towards professionals who are looking to update the general management skills and prepare themselves for career advancement opportunities.

It is the target of the professionals who discharge functions from the hot seats of executives or managers in different public sector or private sector industries or companies. The talented professionals want to avail EMBA courses from prestigious management schools located in India or abroad. The executive or managers of several organizations take a chance to exchange their views, opinions and ideas as students of the EMBA course in any university or institute. They are benefitted from the valuable lectures delivered by the best of the management teachers. The intensive theoretical studies and exposure of the practical experiences help them to develop with greater potential in business management. The environment of innovative ideas and creative outlook changes them into worthy executives or managers to face dynamic challenges of the present world.

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The EMBA courses are of different kinds depending on the necessity of the incumbents. The courses of EMBA may be of 12 or 24 months and even of 30 months. Here is a detailed break-up of the four broad categories are of Executive MBA program offered in India:

One year Executive MBA program: This is a very compact program condensed into a tight schedule, tailored especially for the remarkably talented management professionals who show potential for excellent managerial capacity. This is a full-time course. ISB, SP Jain, Great Lakes are some of the top institutes that offer this programs.

Two year Executive MBA program: This course can be a full-time or a part-time MBA program.

Correspondence Executive MBA program: This program is for professionals who can't afford to leave their jobs to pursue a full-time MBA program. IGNOU is one of the best universities in India offering this kind of course.

Online Executive MBA program: Virtual learning is becoming increasingly popular in India. XLRI has evolved a 12 months consolidated program in 'Business Management'. The program aims to provide an opportunity to study and earn a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM) while working. The program is being offered by XLRI in collaboration with its technical partners of virtual classroom.

The IIM's have also collaborated with NIIT Imperia and to provide working executive a chance to upgrade their management skills. They are aimed at the best of working professionals who are motivated and serious about self development and are prepared to put in time and effort.

The EMBA courses are also divided subject wise:

  1. Human Resources
  2. IT System
  3. Finance
  4. Marketing
  5. Hospitality Management etc.

The students, who go for a course of two or three years, go through general management in the first two semesters. They cover finance/human resource/market etc as specialization papers during the rest of the semesters. The seasons are divided into semesters, each of six months span. The last semester is usually for a project work.

You are required to satisfy some criteria to be eligible for the Executive MBA study. Eligibility Criteria for applying to an Executive MBA program are:

  • A valid card of GMAT/CAT
  • Sound knowledge in English
  • At least 3-5 years of professional experience
  • Should be at managerial level while applying
  • A university degree in any stream or equivalent qualification

It is a must to obtain approval from the respective companies for securing an EMBA degree. One must not quit the job till the EMBA courses has not finished.

The Executive MBA program is one of the most prestigious edification curriculums in India. Professional individuals who are already in the ranks of executives/managers/high officials in any industry /organization target this course for specialization or uplifting.

The Executive MBA curriculums should not be regarded as refreshers' course. The program includes lecture sessions which are graced by world famous management teachers for the best benefit of the highly equipped persons in the managerial professions. The professionals exchange their views and experiences. Study of specific cases is another important part of the Executive MBA edification.

IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) are regarded as the best of the institutions for the Executive MBA edification. There are, of course, several other top-ranking institutes in India which offer world-class programs for the genuine aspirants.

Advantages of an executive MBA program:

  • It allows the working professionals to retain their jobs at the same time complete with their MBA degree.
  • In executive MBA course, students come from very diverse backgrounds with lots of work experience. These shared work experience serves as the best form of case study and helps in inter learning amongst candidates.
  • Executive MBA candidates tend to learn faster having faced real life hurdles in their jobs. Each executive MBA candidate is a case study in himself or herself.
  • Executive MBA unlike the normal MBA program offers niche specializations that help executives to know in and out about their specific domains. Hence these courses are much focused.
  • Executive MBA courses are held in small groups and it thus allows building good knowledge sharing experience for the students.
  • Executive MBA courses are cheaper when compared to a full time MBA degree. It is ideal for executives who may not be funded by their employers.
  • Since the candidates are involved in full time jobs they can apply the knowledge simultaneously in their everyday work.
  • Other benefits:
    • Gives you a knowledge edge over others
    • Keeps you engaged with your profession
    • Enriches your macro view of business
    • Enhances your growth and promotion prospects
    • Broadens your circle of network

Why go for Executive MBA in India?

There are numerous courses and educational disciplines which enable individuals to get good job and salary thereafter. Life doesn't stops here. It continues. After getting good jobs, the working professionals need constant up gradation regarding new management principles. An executive MBA is designed in such a way to help working professionals gain competitive edge over their competitors both in terms of knowledge and position.

In the past few years, there has been a surge in the number of individuals opting for Executive MBA in India. An Executive MBA course is a management course that is specifically designed for the executives and working professionals. The executive MBA India course gives an opportunity for the managers, executives, and industry professionals of diverse groups to enhance their management skills. In almost all cases, MBA schemes and Executive MBA scheme have same curriculum.

The Indian MBA is at the moment passing through a fantastic phase with a great deal of colleges, courses and study options. As the job market for administration professionals has been reinforced because of the arrival of quite a few global companies, there is not really very much need to make a trip outside the country for a lucrative career. Various MBA colleges in India have also made a big effort in popularizing such education among prospective students through their world-class infrastructure, teaching standards, course structure, and placement record.

An executive willing to pursue the executive MBA needs to have at least 2 years of experience which can go up to 5 years in certain conditions. The reason behind this is that the teaching level of this type of program is relatively high; a group approach is normally employed to discuss case studies and this helps them to understand from another.

One can choose a specific type of Executive MBA course which offers the required flexibility and knowledge. An executive MBA India course allows you to carry on your regular job at normal speed. Most of the individuals do executive MBA along with their present job in order to maintain a regular income.

Nowadays, people like going for online executive MBA India, which allows them to complete their MBA in their spare time. The major benefit of an online executive MBA is that you can follow it from any educational center in the world; everything is through internet right from entrance examination to final examination.

Executive MBA Programs in India:

  1. IIM Ahmedabad: PGPX: One Year Post-Graduate Program in Management for executive

    Executive Program Key Features:
    • PGPX is a full time residential program for executive with substantial work experience leading to a One Year Post-Graduate Diploma in Management for executive.
    • The program has a general management focus, with emphasis on managing across borders and cultures. It has an international project (called International Immersion) besides teaching content drawn from many countries.
    • The program is open to executive of all nationalities.
    • Executive who have a bachelor's degree or equivalent in any discipline and are 27 or above at the start of the program may apply. Corporate sponsorship is welcome but not essential. Students are selected through a rigorous admissions process that includes GMAT, leadership profiling and personal interviews.

  2. IIM Bangalore: Executive Post Graduate Program in Management (EPGP)

    Executive Program Key Features:

    The Executive Post Graduate Program in Management (EPGP) is a one year full-time program for mid-career executive aspiring towards leadership roles. The course focuses on emerging economies and includes an international Study internship in BRIC and other emerging markets.

    Executive Program Eligibility:

    The program is intended for middle level executive having substantial work experience. The pre- requisites are
    • Graduate in any discipline.
    • A minimum of seven years full time work experience
    • A valid GMAT score.

  3. IIM Calcutta: Post Graduate Program for executive (PGPEX)

    Executive Program Key Features:

    The One year Post-Graduate Program for executive (PGPEX) was introduced in December 2006 with a mission to develop experienced and ambitious executive for leadership positions in global organizations.

    Executive Program Admission Prerequisites:
    • Executive with graduate degree (minimum 3 years duration) in any discipline (or equivalent qualification)
    • At least 5 years of full time post-qualification professional experience
    • A valid GMAT score (taken within the last 36 months at the time of application)
    • Proficiency in English

    Executive Program Selection Criteria:

    Selection will be based on Academic Background, Professional Experience, GMAT score, Personal Interview, Statement of Purpose and recommendation letters from two referees who hold senior academic or managerial positions.

  4. IIM Indore- Executive PGP:

    Executive Program Key Features:

    The 18-month Executive PGP program is a uniquely designed course for working executive and entrepreneurs. It provides them a platform to hone their skills and competencies, to grow higher in business. Typically, this program admits candidates with a minimum of 5 years of experience after graduation. These candidates can also be organization-sponsored.

    Executive Program ELIGIBILITY:
    • The candidate must hold a Bachelor's Degree, with at least 50% marks or equivalent CGPA [45% in case of the candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste (SC)/ Scheduled Tribe (ST) or Persons with Disability (PWD) category], of any of the Universities incorporated by an act of the central or state legislature in India or other educational institutions established by an act of Parliament or declared to be deemed as a University under section 3 of UGC Act, 1956, or possess an equivalent qualification recognized by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India. The Bachelor's Degree or equivalent qualification obtained by the candidate must entail a minimum of three years of education after completing higher secondary schooling (10+2) or equivalent.
    • In case the university/institution does not have any scheme for converting CGPA into equivalent marks, the equivalence would be established by the IIMs by dividing obtained CGPA with the maximum possible CGPA and multiplying the resultant with 100.
    • The candidate should also have a minimum of 5 years of managerial/ entrepreneurial/ professional experience as on August 31, 2008. Work experience obtained only after graduation will be considered. Organizational sponsorship is optional.

  5. IIM Lucknow: International Program in Management for Executive

    Executive Program Key Features:
    • IPMX, the third, full time, one-year residential executive program would be launched in April 2010 at the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow-NOIDA Campus.
    • The International Program in Management for executive is designed for mid/senior level executives, to prepare them for leadership roles.
    • The curriculum would focus on a strategic understanding of business, rooted in practical skill development through action learning projects and industry interface.
    • A core component of the program is an international module of 3- 4 weeks at one of our partner institutes located in Europe / East Asia which will provide students the opportunity for an international learning experience to equip them with the knowledge and perspective relevant to current global business issues.
    • NOIDA being the hub of commercial and industrial activity, the location advantage of the NOIDA Campus would also extend to the learning process where industry related assignments and real management contexts form an integral part of the course curriculum.
    • The delivery is oriented towards best practices, an integrated strategic perspective, project work and constant engagement with industry.
    • The Corporate Interaction Centre of the Institute would facilitate in providing placement services for non-sponsored students.

  6. XLRI: Executive Post Graduate program

    Executive program Key Features:
    • The Exec-PGP program provides executive with an opportunity to earn a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management without interrupting their career.
    • The curriculum is similar to that of the Business Management Program and it is recognized by AICTE and is equivalent to an MBA.
    • The executive spend about 165 days in Campus in thirty months to complete the course requirements.
    • They are expected to do additional work as carry-home projects and assignments.
    • The mix of executive, which includes entrepreneurs and executive from various functional areas, provides an enabling environment for learning.
    • The Institute awards the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management to participants who successfully complete all the requirements of this program.

  7. XLRI : One - Year General Management program For Working executive

    Executive program Key Features:
    • The institute awards the Executive Postgraduate Diploma in General Management to the participants who successfully complete all the requirements of this program.

    • Candidates applying for One Year General Management program must hold a minimum of three years Bachelor's Degree from a recognized University in India/abroad in any discipline,
    • Must be employed in a full-time job,
    • Must have at least five years of relevant managerial experience as on March 31, 2012 in an organization of repute in the public, private or nongovernmental sector after completing graduation.

  8. SCMHRD Executive MBA program:

    Who should attend?

    Working executive who aspire to promote themselves to the management level of their companies can join this program. Self-made entrepreneurs, doctors, physicians, academic administrators and army personnel interested in further education can join this program. Managers interested to upgrade themselves with the latest trends in management and improve their technology base can join. Executive aspiring to switch their profiles to cross-functional domains will benefit from this program.


    The program is offered over 30 months comprising 5 semesters. Students are offered general management subjects in the first two semesters, after which they can choose their elective subjects from various functional areas. Viz. Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations and IT Systems. The last semester, students are required to do a live project.


    Bachelor's Degree of any statutory University or any other recognized Foreign University with three year post-qualification work experience in reputed organization.


    Diploma of any University/Board or any other recognized foreign University with five year experience in reputed organization

    Eligibility under Industry Sponsored Category:

    The candidate must furnish the basic eligibility criteria for applying under this category. Candidate must be working in the sponsoring company at the time of admission. The top authorities like CEO or MD must sponsor the candidate and submit a letter to that effect. The candidate shall continue his services in the sponsoring company as long as he is doing the course. The moment he leaves, his admission will also be cancelled. The candidate must give an undertaking to that effect.

    For Industry Sponsor: Any company whose turnover is more than 5 crores. Preference will be given to companies having relationship with SCMHRD in terms of summer and final placements, live projects etc.

  9. MDI Gurgaon: Post Graduate program in International Management
    • MDI Gurgaon in 2006 launched the Post Graduate Program in International Management (PGP-IM). This is one of the efforts made by MDI to develop managers with appropriate mindset and ability to work in global markets.
    • The program was launched in collaboration with European School of Management (ESCP-EAP), France.
    • The unique dual degree program is delivered partly in India (MDI) and partly in Europe (ESCP-EAP campuses). The first phase of the program is delivered on MDI Campus, at Gurgaon. The second phase of the program is delivered in Europe at the London, Paris & Turin campuses (English Track).
    • In Europe, students will not only get classroom learning opportunity, they will also get an opportunity to work there or in India on a paid internship basis. In addition, there will be scope to get placement in Europe. Living and working in Europe will enable students to understand and appreciate other cultures, hone their capabilities to work across cultures and develop global mindsets.

    The key objectives of the program are to groom global leaders with -
    • Competencies to work across cultures
    • Ability to work in unfamiliar markets
    • Strong general management orientation
    • Adequate grounding in various management functions.

    Program Structure:

    The program is spread over six modules. The first three modules spread over 8 months would be delivered at MDI. The fourth module of 6 months duration would be held at ESCP-EAP Campus. Fifth module will constitute 4 to 6 months of internship in India/ Europe while the sixth module of 1 V2 months would consist of dissertation work. Module 1 and 2 focus on providing basic inputs in qualitative and quantitative domains and provide analytical as well as communication skills. In the 3rd and 4th modules the focus shifts to giving an International Management perspective to the students. The 5th and 6th modules are dedicated to providing in-company exposure in a global context.

    ESCP-EAP (European School of Management) is Europe's top school, highly ranked (number 2) by the Financial Times. The school has five campuses in Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin and Torino.

  10. International Management Institute (IMI) Delhi: Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management

    This is a 15 month program for enabling executive with serious work experience to take up lateral level management positions. This program provides general management and functional area skills to executive with a variety of sectoral experiences from their previous work experience. The program will have Indian as well as international participants making for a cross-cultural environment and international experience sharing.


    Graduates in the 10+2+3 system in any discipline recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (includes a large number of Indian as well as international degrees) with full-time experience of around 5 years. High proficiency in written and verbal communication in English is required.

More business schools offering one year executive programs:

11) Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
12) Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
13) SP Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai

Top Ten Executive MBA programs in Asia (according to Asia Week):

  1. Asian Institute of Management (Philippines)
  2. Chinese University of Hong Kong (China)
  3. Asian Institute of Technology, (Thailand, School of Management)
  4. Sasin Graduate Institute of Business and Administration (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
  5. NUS Business School (National University of Singapore)
  6. Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore)
  7. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Korea, Graduate School of Management)
  8. National Cheng-chi University (Taiwan, College of Commerce)
  9. Monash Mount Eliza Business School (Australia)
  10. China Europe International Business School (China)

Financial times Executive MBA Rankings 2011:

  1. Kellogg / Hong Kong UST Business School (China)
  2. Trium: HEC Paris / LSE / New York University: Stern (France / UK / US)
  3. Columbia/London Business School (US / UK)
  4. Insead (France / Singapore / U.A.E.)
  5. University of Chicago: Booth (US / UK / Singapore)
  6. Duke University: Fuqua (US)
  7. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton (US)
  8. IE Business School (Spain)
  9. UCLA/NUS (U.S.A / Singapore)
  10. London Business School (UK/U.A.E)
  11. CEIBS (China)
  12. Kellogg / York University: Schulich (Canada)
  13. Iese Business School (Spain)
  14. Chinese University of Hong Kong (China)
  15. Washington University: Olin (US) and School of Business/Fudan University School of Management (China)
  16. IMD (Switzerland )
  17. Kellogg / WHU-Otto Beisheim School (Germany)
  18. Northwestern University: Kellogg (US)
  19. National University of Singapore School of Business (Singapore)
  20. Arizona State University: Carey (China)

Hopefully, now you got sufficient information on Executive MBA programs so it is time to take action.  

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