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Published: Wednesday,17 July,2013 12:53 PM

GD Topic : Water is so important in life yet we let it go to waste

After having cracked any entrance exam, Group discussion is very important and crucial to clear the second stage at MBA admission. 

Hence, it is must for MBA aspirants to study variety of topics so that they remain confident at GD. 

Today, you will read GD topic:  Water is so important in life yet we let it go to waste 

It is said that the water is the elixir of life. A person can still stay without food for a long time but to live without oxygen or water is absolutely impossible. Even after knowing the importance of water, people still let it to go to waste. They live the tap water running. 

Pollute the river water with detergents, untreated sewage and other kinds of dirt. Also, there has been an increase in the level of coliform found in water.  In many places, the industrial wastes are released directly into the water sources.

This leads to dire consequences. According to a study, the bacterial as well as the organic contamination is quite high in the waters of India. Recently, it has also been found that the level of dissolved oxygen is getting low in the water bodies in India. 

All this information leads to one basic fact- water is extremely important yet the Indians are not doing enough to protect water and their water resources. If right steps are not taken at right time (which is now), India will face stark repercussions in future. 

There are many different ways through which water can be preserved. One of the easiest and most popular ways is rain water harvesting.  Some of the biggest cities in the country have taken up this approach to preserve water. 

Secondly, treatment of industrial as well as sewage waste is a mandatory requirement. Special efforts should be taken for the treatment of waste material in appropriate places rather than simply letting it flow into the water resources. The government of the country should also take some measures to avoid flooding during the rainy seasons. 

Flooding causes erosion of soil and thus, accumulation of dirt along with the enriched top soil into the water bodies. This is harmful for farming as well as for water sources. The use of natural pesticides and insecticides should be promoted. 

People should be encouraged to use water – friendly resources within the house.  There are many different things that can be done to preserve water. 

It is high time that the government authorities as well as the people stand up, take notice of the problem of water scarcity and water pollution and also take steps to solve it. 

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