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Published: Wednesday,17 July,2013 12:53 PM

GD Topic :Competition Right from Childhood- Is it Good or Bad?

Group Discussion is crucial component of MBA admission selection process and it is better to read some out of box topics which might help you during Group discussion.

Today, you will read GD topic: Competition Right from Childhood- Is it Good or Bad?
Childhood is the most delicate phase in human life. The age span from birth till the age of 15years is considered as childhood. Childhood is the certain phase where a child gets to know about the world and people around him. 
During this particular phase of life a child undergoes innumerable changes both mentally and physically. The current state of affairs, states that a child is taught to handle stress at this very phase of life. Competition has always been an integral part of this phase. Children are never born with the attitude to face competition, with due course of time they learn to handle the competition and stress in the sphere of life. 
Temperament varies from one child to another. Some use their attitude, skills and culture to cope up in some competition while some simply collapse in the long run. Parents play an important role at this stage in a child’s life. They should always be supportive during this phase as this phase is quite crucial for the mental development of the child.
As competition has turned out to be an inevitable part in a child’s life, parents must always remember not to overburden the child at any point. They should always remember that competition is good but excess of it may even affect the child both mentally and physically in his/ her upcoming years.
Competition is always seen upon with a positive outlook. In children, competition has always shown us positive results. It develops a challenging spirit in the children. It develops a healthy attitude regarding winning and losing. A child learns how to work as a team and face challenges all together. A child gets to learn about their abilities and limitations, handle loss, self-control, discipline, make quick decisions, try out different types of works, and develops skills and many more.
But as it is said every good thing is always followed by some bad results. Too much of competition may often make a child violent, short-tempered. Not only that it can rouse feelings like jealousy, pride, anger, hatred for his/ her co-partners. Not only it can misled a child but often it is found that the child gets physically or mentally injured, the thought of winning becomes a threat, failure is not easily accepted, humiliation and so on. 
Winning should not be the main goal, trying and the attitude to accept failure should be highlighted.

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