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Published: Wednesday,17 July,2013 12:53 PM

Mock Group Discussion :India and Pakistan-Friendly Neighbours

Group Discussion is an esential component of MBA admission Selection process at few IIIMs and many leading B schools.
so we at - India's content lead MBA Website present you Mock GD as follows :
Mock Group Discussion :  India and Pakistan: Friendly Neighbours
The topic is open ended. Participants can express their views and opinions in any way possible. Take the initiative to participate in the discussion and contribute your thoughts. You can also express your positive attitude towards providing a solution for the stated problem. 
The topic will be discussed by 6 participants for admission in a top B-School.
Aasha: Hello Friends, we are here to discuss a very interesting topic amongst us. I hope we all will share our opinions and thought and we all will be equally enlightened by the end of this Group Discussion. I would like all my team members to speak and contribute in the progress of the discussion. Friends I think the fundamental roles of Indian Government has been to ensure safety, security, peace and order in the Country. We have also helped our neighbors in their economic, political and social development, and we ensured that our neighbors are also able to adopt democracy, good policies and move in right directions. For example India has given 2,000 scholarships for the youth of Afghanistan for the next five years. Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai, who had studied for his Masters at Shimla University in India, has praised India as a “steadfast friend” of Afghanistan. But along with peace and brotherhood, there must be focus on National Security at the same time. And when it comes to Pakistan, India has always been on the welcome side, but unfortunately, we have not received any appreciation from Pakistan for our friendly attitude. Rather, they have always dented our trust with their acts of terrorism. So, India is for sure a friendly neighbor for Pakistan but regrettably we cannot say the same for Pakistan.
Krishna: Hello friends. I agree with my friend Aasha. Pakistan has always betrayed India in every manner possible. Every time we have extended our hands for friendship, they have cheated us and tried to destroy this great country. Rather it seems that the only aim of Pakistan today is to disturb India in any which way possible. Then it could be through war at LOC or terrorist attack within the country. I think we should stop being a soft target and break all the diplomatic ties with Pakistan.
Nikky: Hello friends. I am not in complete agreement with what my friend here is suggesting. I think we should not break our relations with Pakistan because breaking relation is not the solution of any problem. If we are breaking relation with Pakistan because of terrorism then what are we doing to protect our country from naxali, maowadi, etc. who are killing people? Why don't we do anything against to stop them? Why don't we break relation with those states? Because we know, they are our inevitable parts. Take an example of breaking relation between Iran and America. Iran stopped the oil supply to America but what is the result? Economies of both the countries are getting affected badly. I am not in favor to make Pakistan a very good friend because it is not a trustworthy nation, but continued communication will normalize the situation. And as India has always been in favor of harmony and peace with the world, we should think about other solutions instead of breaking relations with our neighbors. 
Jyoti: I completely agree with my friend Nikky. In this modern and rapidly changing world economy, foreign relations are very very important. And they become all the more important when it comes to the relation with neighboring countries. India is developing country. To expand all-round the world, India has to be diplomatic in every situation. So if India wants to boost its diplomatic image all over the World, it should have to tackle Pakistan through diplomatic ways. Although, it is true that till today we had not received any sign of friendship from Pakistan, right from Kargil War to Mumbai attacks. But, if we break the ties, situation could be worse. It may lead to one more war, or terrorist attacks, which means again loss of lives and property. And India cannot afford this. What we need is world peace, neither war nor blood. There would be other ways of putting pressure on Pakistan.
Ajay: Hello friends. For me Pakistan does not look like a neighbor. It still looks like a part of India. The people of India and Pakistan look alike. They speak alike, almost the same language. They dress alike. They eat alike. They sing alike. They weep alike.  They play the same games. They abuse alike. They are more than a neighbor. But the fact that India has always considers Pakistan as a friendly neighbor but does not get the same response in equal measure, has weakened our trust in Pakistan as a friendly neighbor. 
Raj: India has always tried to maintain cordial relations with its neighboring countries, but they have rarely appreciated India for its friendly behavior. For instance, take India and Nepal, which are immediate neighbors. Nepal is the only Hindu kingdom in the world and India’s 80 per cent population is Hindu. But Nepal is more close to Pakistan and China than to India. Then China and India who are immediate neighbors and Pakistan and China were not neighbors. But now through the Pak occupied Kashmir, Pakistan has managed to become the neighbor of Tibet and China. Pakistan has also given a lot of area to China from that part of Kashmir which is now in its possession for having connectivity with China and became a neighbor and now, China is more close to and under the influence of Pakistan. Afghanistan is one country which is recognizing the efforts of India as a friendly neighbor but Pakistan do not like India to have friendly relations with Afghanistan. India can’t develop more business relations with Afghanistan as Pakistan does not allow Indian exports to pass through its country in transition to Afghanistan. India wants to extend more help to Afghanistan but Pakistan puts obstacles and hindrances.
Aasha: Friends, I think it is time now and we should conclude our discussion. As a concluding remark I would like to say that the time is opportune for India and Pakistan to engage in a dialogue with a view to explore ways and means in which they can collaborate with each other. Thanks to the efforts of both governments, there has been a perceptible improvement in the atmosphere between India and Pakistan in recent weeks. Bilateral trade between the two countries was only $300 million in 2004, but has increased nine fold since then to $2.7 billion in 2011, and is expected to grow further. A study by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, a business trade group, calculated that bilateral trade between India and Pakistan may increase to $8 billion a year in next two years. Informal trade between India and Pakistan, which takes place via Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore, is estimated at $5 billion to $6 billion. Thus, we can consider a serious friendliness between the two countries. 
Overall a good team with members willing to participate as no one asked anyone to speak; rather everyone picked their own chance of entering the discussion. Very mature topic discussed with even greater maturity. A complete optimistic discussion. 
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