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Give 'To the Point' response in Personal Interview (PI)

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Give 'To the Point' response in Personal Interview (PI)
It is highly unlikely that an interview (PI) will exceed one hour – so, you should avoid beating around the bush and try giving ‘to the point’ responses. In one hour or less, you should convince the interviewer that you are the right candidate for the MBA degree.
So, listen carefully to the questions that the interviewer is asking you and answer them precisely, in the least number of words. There is no point in repeating your content and saying it in different ways because if you do, you will be at a disadvantage – you will not have time to speak in the later part of the interview.
Crisp answers keep your interviewer interested in what you are saying – if you beat around the bush, your interviewer will lose interest in what you are saying and you may not be able to clear the interview (PI).
Giving succinct answers is an art, which takes time to master. So, practice speaking in front of your family and friends and watch videos of great speakers. These will help you to prepare for the interview (PI).
 Some of the questions that interviewers may ask you are: (a) what is the purpose of pursuing an MBA degree? And (b) what do you plan to do after completing your MBA? So, prepare for these questions beforehand and make it a point to answer the questions in the first two lines. Then, you can explain your answers in detail.
At times, students don’t understand the question that the interviewer is asking; so, they try to beat around the bush to save their faces. This is not the right approach. If you are unsure of the question, check with the interviewer and only answer the question after you have understood it completely.
By beating around the bush, you are indirectly telling the interviewer that your communication skills are poor and that you are not interested in understanding the questions. So, during your interview, give precise answers and you will be one step closer to getting an admission into the business school of your choice.
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