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April 04, 2017 @ 01:15 PM

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How to develop a positive mind

Written ability Test ( WAT )  has also become a tool to test MBA aspirant on assessing overall communication and personality so it is also equally important and crucial component of CAT selection process. 

This article on "How to develop a positive mind” will boost your confidence to be successful in Written Ability Test: 

While you were growing up, many people must have told you that life is a battle in its own. The road is not always easy. However, when we are young and immature, we do not understand these things. It is when we advance into a mature life, do we start to come across situations that make us realize that the going is not always comfortable and easy. The situations that arise will always be not to your liking and there are going to arise many bearings, when you will realize that things are going exactly the opposite of what you had planned, imagined or surmised.
The truth is that some of us people’s life is easier than the others. However, each one of us goes through some or the other kind of difficulties and it is during times like these which can make or break a man, does the importance of positive thinking and keeping a positive mind always comes to foreplay. It is during these times that a person needs to keep his cool and concentrate on only the good things. 
Some people are naturally blessed with a quality- they are able to keep an optimistic mind even during the most pessimistic of the situation. They have an innate ability of being able to concentrate only on the good things and thus, keep their cool. Even when they lose their cool, they are not intimidated by the situations rather they face them with a very positive outlook.
People blessed with this quality naturally are quite less. Most of us have to work on developing a positive attitude. Though it is not easy and it will also take some time, once developed, the positive outlook towards things and an optimistic perspective will help you go really far away in life. Thus, difficult it may be, it is totally worth it. Here are a few things that a person can do to develop a positive outlook in life: 
1.To start with, you need to indulge yourself in habits that can help your mind stay calm. If you have a mind that is finicky and constantly thinking about something or the other, you need to provide it some peace. A peaceful mind is the starting of a positive life and positive outlook. Doing Yoga or meditation for about half an hour each day can really help you out. It will teach you to make appease your mind of all its worries and provide you with some patience. 
2.Keep saying positive things to yourself. Whether or not you believe it but our mind starts to believe what we tell it constantly. Thus, if you say positive things to yourself, you are only indirectly encouraging your mind into believing the positive things and making it feel stronger.
3.When you really wish to achieve something, make sure that you start dreaming and thinking of it day in and day out. Many psychologists really emphasize on the power of imagination. They believe and thus, preach that when your mind begins to imagine something, it starts to work towards achieving it and rests only after it has achieved it. Thus, constantly imagining your goals will prepare your mind for actually working to achieve them. 
4.Always stay inspired. Things that inspire always encourage you to do the good things and strive to achieve and do better. Read books that are inspirational or tell you of ways to inspire yourself. Read about new people who have done good things in life and hence, made a name for themselves. The stories of these people will inspire you to do well in life and in the process, also help you to stay positive. 
5.Make a constant effort to think of only the positive things. This is a voluntary step you will have to take. When you are faced with a problem, it is only but obvious that some bad things will come to your mind. However, all you need to do is shut your mind as soon as something bad come up into it and instead, start thinking of the positive things. You will have to make a deliberate effort to be able to do this. It will take some time too. However, once you have developed this habit, it will help you a lot. 
Positive thinking is a boon in itself. Life is full of ups and downs and to be able to face the downs, it is best that you should know how to stay positive always. A positive outlook will not only get you a successful carrier but a happy life too. Developing this attitude is a slow process. So, its best that you start working on it now. 
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