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February 12, 2018 @ 04:58 PM

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February 12, 2018 @ 04:58 PM

Road from Verbal Phobia to Success for XAT 2018 | Verbal Ability

 XAT Verbal Ability

Published : Thursday, 5 October, 2017 5:40 PM

XAT 2018 will be conducted on Sunday, January 7, 2018. Verbal Ability is an important section of the paper. Here, are ways you can start preparing for this section.

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Reading Strategy

Tired of being instructed thousands of time that reading will improve your command over the English language. Hate to break it to you but for your MBA dream, you will have to ace this section besides, QA and DI, Decision Making. Now reading and comprehending the verbal section is not exactly that much of an art to accomplish, there are few ways you can conquer your fear for this section. Start with your comfort zone i.e. your interest areas. Read articles, newspaper, and novels to develop a habit of reading, then gradually expand your zone and focus on different genres. Try to read quality articles. The idea is to get acquainted with all. It will broaden your knowledge and lift your confidence. Once you are sure that you can upgrade, move towards complicated reading passages. The purpose is to understand what meaning the author wants to convey.

Taking a Step Ahead

Eventually, you will start enjoying reading, try to read 3-4 articles a day. Next, try to grasp the gist of the article and summarize it 3-4 lines or in a para. This way you will establish the ability to write and will improve concentration. It will also help in essay writing. For RC sections, alienate yourself from the content and act as a spectator to grasp every fact clearly and will help in selecting right choices. Avoid incorporating decorative words in the beginning. First, be coherent in your thoughts and on paper. Then, attempt to engage with complicated or similar words and see whether it fits in the sentence structure or the intensity of the word justifies what you want to convey.

Connotation and Denotation

Connotation refers to the wide array of positive and negative associations that most words naturally carry with them, whereas denotation is the precise, literal definition of a word that might be found in a dictionary. For example, the dictionary meaning of ‘surprise’ – an unexpected event or fact. The first example indicates a positive statement and the second shows a negative statement.

 “Laura surprised Elena with a gift”

“Caroline was surprised by Tom’s behavior how little he cared”.

The word ‘shocked’ can also be used instead of ‘surprise’. You just have to see which word fits with your content.

The laborious way

This is the part that most of the students struggle with. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s vocabulary and Grammar. If you think that by watching English Tv series and reading two or three novels would increase your vocabulary. Then, think again.

To enhance and excel in vocabulary can be achieved by jotting down the word meanings on a paper and review them by before going to sleep. It will help you to retain them. You can also try recalling them next morning or after a period of 5 days. Adapt it as an exercise. It’s time to go back to primary school and practice exercises from Wren and Martin. You can also seek help from YouTube tutorials for various grammar sections.

With the advancement of technology these days students can increase their vocabulary through “Kindle” –  it provides meanings just a click away. Learning through root words can be beneficial for increasing vocabulary meaning for example “terr” means earth can help you to identify the meanings of words with “terr” such as terrain, territory, extraterrestrial, terrace. You can look at the synonyms, antonyms, of the words you come across it, will cover up a wider section of vocabulary. Analyze the loopholes in your study plans and try to correct them. The aim is to get familiar with many words as you can before the exam.

Patience and Perseverance to make it!

You read it right! You need to have patience while practicing. Surely, there will be times you would want to quit. It could be for numerous reasons but the idea is to have patience and believe in yourself that you can achieve your target. The road is full of hurdles but once you overcome them the fruit would be worthwhile. As Pat Riley said, “Excellence is the gradual result of striving to do better”. Keep striving to do better than yesterday, work hard, have faith in yourself. You will surely reach your destination. Set your targets, track your performance, motivate yourself every day. Engage with people who motivate and boosts you to achieve your goal.

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