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Academic Student Clubs at SIBM Hyderabad: Helping Students Shape Up Into Able Professionals of Tomorrow


The Academic Student Clubs at SIBM Hyderabad are student-run clubs that play an instrumental role in helping them understand how basic concepts and theoretical learnings are applied in day-to-day business situations. Below we take you through the main Academic Student Clubs operational in the institute and how they help students become able professionals of tomorrow.

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Finance Club - The Mint Club

SIBM Hyderabad’s Mint Club acquaints students with the contemporary practices in the field of Finance and how the discipline is practiced with excellence and professionalism in the industry.



The aim of this club is to work as a medium to help students transition smoothly from classroom environment to the corporate world. It promotes theory and practice of Finance in a way that it becomes an integral part of the student’s life. The idea is to significantly improve the students’ understanding of Finance and create an environment where they can freely share, learn, participate and network with the people from the industry.



To provide students with a better understanding of Finance, enabling them to better grasp its concepts

To stimulate their thoughts related to the area of Finance

To offer ample opportunities for students to be able to put theoretical learnings into practice

To give students an opportunity to explore and better understand Indian and global economy, and to help them gain familiarity with the financial markets too

Human Resource Club

Human Resource Club – Humanalya

As can be guessed, this club is targeted at MBA students specializing in the HR discipline. The club aims at helping students inculcate all the good values that top-rated HR professionals are often associated with. Human Resource Management (HRM) is all about developing the compassion to listen to and resolve people’s problems, and that’s what Humanalya helps students with.



The aim of the Human Resource Club is to help students hone their people management skills, and shape them into top-rated HR professionals of tomorrow.



To conduct presentations related to HR policies normally practiced in big companies

To conduct mock HR interviews, to help students develop confidence while facing interviewers during the placement sessions

To help students develop a practical approach to problem-solving through research and analysis of latest case studies

To hold HRM-related seminars and debates on a regular basis

To help students learn about various corporate HR techniques by holding regular guest lectures by industry experts


Marketing Club - The 7 PM Club

The Marketing Club of SIBM Hyderabad is fondly known as the 7PM Club. It’s aimed at helping students derive value by collaborating with other members of the club. The idea is to nurture their talent/s in a way that they can develop an edge across various marketing functions like off-line sales, digital marketing, branding communication and online sales.



The primary aim of this club is to offer a good platform for students to explore and hone their marketing skills by exposing themselves to various business and industry-related events.



To help students develop working knowledge of various marketing strategies

To acquaint students with various marketing terms and jargon

To help students hone their talents

To help students apply various business and marketing concepts through games and events

To create a less formal environment wherein students can freely work on market strategies

To share different types of marketing techniques with students


Operations Club – OP$-ERA

SIBM Hyderabad’s Operations Club is aimed at generating interest around the subject amongst students, and give faculty, researchers, business leaders and students a platform to freely hold discussions around it.



The Operations Club is aimed at helping students master the concepts of Operations through various initiatives, enabling them to become able Operations leaders of tomorrow who can excel through collaboration and consistent teamwork.



To hold multiple industry visits in order to give real-time industry exposure to students

To hold regular industry interactions, meetings and discussions surrounding important and up-to-date issues related to Operations

To make the Operations Club a highly interactive platform where students get to learn new things through innovative methods

To give students access to multiple learning sources such as international case studies, online journals and international conferences, with the idea of helping them gain a global perspective on the modern day business environments

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