CAT 2012 exam alert: Para Jumbled Questions and why they are important in VA?

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CAT exam alert: Para Jumbled Questions and why they are important in VA?

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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Para Jumbled Questions consists of a group of sentences that have been jumbled up. The goal in these types of sentences is to rearrange the sentences in the original sequence. In para-jumble questions, you will be given a paragraph made of four to five sentences whose original sequence has been changed and you have a few minutes to figure out what that original sequence was.

Para-jumbles are significant because they have been regularly appearing in the CATand other MBA entrance tests. There is a good chance of three Para-jumble questions appearing in the 20 questions of the Verbal Ability (VA) section.
Secondly and more importantly — PJs are one of those questions of the CAT in which you can improve your skills dramatically within a short span of time.
CAT 2012 aspirants can make note of it that it is probably one of the few areas of VA section in CAT where the scope of ambiguity is limited.
CAT 2012 exam is being conducted from October 11, 2012 to November 6, 2012 with a test window of 21 days.
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