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How to maintain a positive attitude?

Maintaining a positive attitude is not just important for acing the MBA admission tests and interviews, but it is also important for a happy and a healthy life. Sorrows and happiness are part and parcel of one’s life. 
So, one should not be disheartened when things don’t proceed in the positive direction. One should be optimistic and have the determination to succeed, no matter what obstacles and challenges life may bring. 
One way to stay positive is by exercising on a regular basis. By exercising, you will not only enhance your physical health, but you will also improve your mental health, which is essential to maintain a positive attitude.
You can also fight depression with exercise. Also, make it a point to wake up early every day. Plan out your day’s activities and have a clear vision as to what you hope to accomplish in the near future. By setting goals in life, you will be motivated and determined to achieve success and minor obstacles will not seem daunting.
Surround yourself with positive people. The people around you have a huge impact on your life. People who are optimistic are encouraging in nature and they will not allow you to be easily disheartened. They will motivate you to try harder and not give up easily. This form of support is important to maintain a positive attitude. 
You should come to an understanding that even after tireless planning, things may not go as planned. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances crop up and you will be forced to change your plans. Always have an open mind and be ready for changes. This way, you will not be disappointed in life.
There are a number of inspiring books and podcasts in the market. So, invest in these resources and listen to them when you are feeling low. Rest assured, your spirits will be lifted and you will be able to maintain a positive attitude.
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