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MBA aspirants who would be invited for Personal Interview might face a situation wherein you may be asked questions on your own personality and the simplest possible query may be tell us about yourself.
Before you face Personal Interview it is worthwhile to do your own SWOT analysis and come up with points which you can improve. Cement your strong points and improve on your negative points. Experts have suggested the following points which can be useful to detail yourself and create your own USPs.
• You should know how much you are honest within yourself
• You must know what kind of will power you have to achieve the goal
• You must know what are your ambitions whether they are achievable or not
• You must explain your family background and over here if one is coming from humble background you can create a USP over here of being first one to come up this level
As per expert’s advise neither you should over claim or under claim on your personality and try to be natural so that the positivity is being exhibited in your body language

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