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Mission Admission 2014: Power of Vocabulary

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Power of Vocabulary
We often find our self struggling with vocabulary whether we are appearing for any word power test or whether we are talking to a person who has high supremacy in vocabulary. Vocabulary plays a vital role in both student’s life as well as personal life of a person.
In today’s time every entrance test has one section of vocabulary test. Pick any entrance test name Common Entrance Test CAT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP, MAT or any other entrance exam, in every exam a student has to appear for word power test which is mandatory to get admission in top B-School. 
These tests can be in different form like Synonyms, Antonyms or somewhere it can be as finding word meanings. Tests names can be different but motive is one that is to check student’s word power skill.
Everybody knows the word ‘vocabulary’ which means the body of words used in a particular language. But have you ever think of its Power? Why we look at a person with wide open eyes who spell bound everybody with his astonishing speech? Yes, you are right confident talking with a strong bunch of new words always mesmerize us.
Did you realize that by developing your vocabulary, you can improve your image, career prospects, earning potential and social status? We must welcome the world accepted fact that ‘the bigger and better vocabulary, the better your quality of life.’ We should discover the astonishing power of words today. 
Just recall the picture of all the people you know who are dynamic, successful and self-confident. You must find one common factor in all that these super confident people are never tongue-tied, never shy, and never afraid to express an opinion. But what is their secret? 
What amazing source of power have they uncovered that enables them to dazzle and impress everyone they met? List of your question may be lengthy. Sit for a while and answer yourself that do you truly want to enjoy a higher level of success and command more respect, opportunity, and earning potential just like people in top income-earning bracket do? 
There is only one way to brighten up your career with huge success that is increase your vocabulary. If your vocabulary skills are excellent than only you can achieve good percentage in your exams and can get higher rank, a bigger income, more self-confidence and respect. We all have one dream to get a respectable position in career with a good source of income. 
It’s an undeniable fact that Top Income earners typically have a rich, well-developed vocabulary or we can say they have ASTONISHING POWER of WORDS. They play with words in their impressive speech. They use words to control and take command of every situation. Words will transform your image and boot your impact in every area of your life. So, it’s your turn to join them and to become a master of words. A Strong Vocabulary Affects Both Your Power And Wealth.
Vocabulary can be improved by exposure to new languages information. Exposure through writing is especially effective because it offers greater context by which new words may become understood.
They’re many methods that can help you to boost your English vocabulary:
• Taking English classes,
• Reading books,
• Watching movies in English,
• Studying English with English language software,
• Playing word and vocabulary games,
• Use self-study vocabulary books, these should include a good dictionary, and a thesaurus,
• Subscription to an English magazine or newspaper,
• Keep a note of how you did and go back in a few weeks / months to see how you have improved,
• Try to memorize whole sentences, not just individual words,
• Notebooks: Keep a notebook to help you remember what you've learnt,
• Expose yourself to as much English as possible by reading, watching the TV, films or the news and listening to the radio or music or by talking in English with your family or friends.
Few activities are as delightful as learning new vocabulary. Let’s add more on above methods of increasing vocabulary by doing little more exercise:
• Make a list of subjects that fascinate you most: The more you enjoy a topic, the easier to learn about it. The sheer joy of having found the words and their meanings will help them sink into your memory.
• In different parts of the country people favor different words: As we already mention that vocabulary can be increase by exploring the new languages. So you try picking up or subscribing to a newspaper from another part of the country.
•  I hear—I forget, I see—I learn, I do—I understand: To make learning easier and more productive, use flash cards in a new and more effective way to master several words at once: Instead of putting separate words on separate cards with separate meanings. Pick four words that all have the same or similar meanings and write them on one side with their meanings clearly identified on the other. Since you will be learning the same or very closely related word meanings for four words. This brings it all together as one task in which you learn 4 times as much in about the same time.
• Opt of object words: Object words are easier because you are learning the definition of a word which is also a tangible item that you can picture in your mind. Go to a unique curio shop, specialty store or science or other obscure type of museum you have never been too before. Keep any brochures or other documentation that describes what you are seeing. Let the mental pictures drive the names of these items and their descriptions deep into your mind for recall later.
• Go on a word hunt: Write down what you didn't? Understand and quickly. Hound that word and its meaning with your own research until you find it. The satisfaction of victory over your ignorance of that one word will bolster your confidence that you can learn many other words if you want to badly enough.
You should develop a will power and inner thinking to enhance your vocabulary skills. One forgets words as one forgets names. One's vocabulary needs constant fertilizing or it will die. Try it once, to add anyone of above mention step as a routine in your daily life .
Soon you will find a fruitful result. All of us are very well aware of the fact that a strong command of English vocabulary is critical to your professional success. A broad and precise vocabulary will enable you to communicate at the high level needed to succeed in today's competitive environment. Executive Vocabulary teaches English vocabulary words with proper grammatical usage in a business context.
A powerful vocabulary will maximize your powers of persuasion, help you to win friends and influence people. It will transform your powers of expression and energize your thinking power. There are n numbers of benefits of good vocabulary power which you can feel and see. 
Good Vocabulary power will help to impress your fellow friends, professionals, clients, customers etc and in future it can help to increase your earning and enhance your social status. "Learn your language well and command it well, and you will have the first component to life." Command and full control on Vocabulary will make you dynamic and enable you to become a fluent and conversationalist. Don’t be surprise; there are lots more to say about vocabulary power. 
It can do wonders for your image and lend colour to your personality. Above all vocabulary has a magical power which enable you to articulate most complex thoughts and ideas that will bring an instantaneous respect for you.
A powerful vocabulary will guarantee your success in life!
“In the world of the future, the new illiterate will be the person who has not learned how to learn.”
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