SNAP December 16 exam alert: Analytical & Logical reasoning questions

SNAP Result Date: 10 th January 2023

SNAP exam alert: Analytical & Logical reasoning questions

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MBA aspirants who are appearing in forthcoming SNAP 2012 exam on December 16, 2012 must be ready for Analytical & Logical reasoning questions.

Here   is sample :    
Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.
Each of the seven faculties – P, Q, R, S, T, U and V – teaches different subjects among History, Civics,Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Mathematics, not necessarily in that order. There are exactly two married couples. It is also known that:
(i) There are three female and four male faculties.
(ii) R, who teaches History, is married to the faculty who teaches Chemistry.
(iii) T and V are female faculties who teach Zoology and Physics respectively.
(iv) P teaches Mathematics and his wife does not teach Physics.
(v) Q teaches neither Chemistry nor Civics.
(vi) S is male and U is single.
•Which subject does U teach?
a.Mathematics b. Chemistry c. Civics d. Cannot be determined
Answer :  C 
•Which subject does Q teach?
a.Geography b. Civics c. History d. Cannot be determined
Answer :  A
•Which of the following pairs does not form a married couple?
a. PT b. RS c. QV d. None of these
Answer :  C 
•Which subject does P’s wife teach?
a.Chemistry b. Zoology c. History d. Cannot be determined
Answer :  B 
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