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Why is your English assessed in MBA entrance exam?

Many aspirants are comfortable with the data interpretation and the quantitative ability sections in MBA entrance exams, but the thought of the verbal ability and logical reasoning sections sends chills down their spines. 
Since potential MBA aspirants are not embarking on a journey to the Shakespeare land, why is it that colleges still test students on their English language skills?
Many people have the misconception that the verbal section of the MBA entrance exam is a test of how well you know the English language. This is not true. 
The verbal section is a test of your comprehension skills, you ability to interpret sentences and your ability to read between the lines.
Once you graduate from a business school, you will take up positions of high authority in an organization. Then, you will be required to read, interpret and even write business proposals. 
You will also be required to present your analyses of cases and convince your clients and bosses. You will be successful in these tasks only if you have a good command of the English language and related skills. 
You will be able to interpret business cases if you have good comprehension skills. This is exactly what the MBA entrance exams are preparing you for.
As a business leader, you will be required to communicate your ideas with your colleagues and clients. You will be able to convey your ideas in a convincing manner if you think things through and come up with a strong case. 
These are some of the skills that you should hone to ace your MBA entrance exam and have a successful business career. When you prepare for the verbal section in MBA entrance exams, you inevitably enhance your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, which will be helpful in both your personal and professional spheres of life.
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