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MBA is a perfect investment - in terms of knowledge and money – if done with the right intention and by the right individual. It helps you evolve not only academically, but also socially. To get into your dream MBA program is definitely exciting. But once you start, you realize the challenges associated with it –

  • Curriculum is rigorous
  • Timelines are strict
  • Deadlines are tight, and
  • Expectations are high.

So, what comes to your rescue – Your Attitude and Aptitude!

Attitude is a reflection of your perspective towards your life, relationships, and work. Your mind majorly drives it. Having an optimistic view or approach is always beneficial as it helps you sail through tough situations. 

Aptitude is your competency to do a task. It is also indicative of your proficiency in a specific discipline. Aptitude is measurable via various tests like – verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, inductive reasoning, logical reasoning, and critical reasoning. It is how swiftly your brain functions in a given situation. 

The MBA program is a mix of activities like – 

  • Classroom Lectures
  • Case Studies
  • Classroom Debates
  • Networking
  • Clubs & Social Events
  • Live Projects
  • Internships 
  • Interviewing

The above tasks and activities nurture skills such as – 

  • Communication Skills
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Problem-Solving Ability 

So, what role does your attitude and aptitude play during various activities and tasks?

  • Classroom Activities – Lectures, Debates & Group Discussions
    • Classroom lectures and classroom debates provide a platform to interact with peers and professors.
    • The exchange of information in such sessions is immense as it results in the stimulation of new ideas.
    • positive attitude and ability to accept new thoughts and ideas help.
    • A natural aptitude for public speaking aids in building your communication skills and critical thinking.
  • Pedagogical Activities – Case Studies & Live Projects
    • Case studies and live projects need patience and passion.
    • The attitude of a go-getter is a must.
    • An analytical aptitude gives you an edge.
    • Working on case studies help develop decision-making skills and problem-solving ability.
  • Connection Building Activities - Networking
    • Networking is an essential aspect of an MBA program.
    • positive, friendly, and respectful attitude help you form connections that form the foundation of your career.
    • Cognitive skills and situational understanding help build professional and personal relationships.
    • It is an excellent means to harness leadership qualities and communication skills.
  • Social Activities – Club Activities, Fests, Symposiums & Seminars
    • Student club activities and social events help build critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. 
    • Professional attitude and an aptitude to improvise are a must.
  • Professional Activities – Summer Internships, Mock Interviews & Placement Activities
    • Internships and interviewing require professional attitude and technical and managerial Aptitude.
    • The exposure to industry helps develop decision-making skills, leadership qualities, and critical thinking. 

Recruiters look for qualities’ like leadership, strategy, innovation, and communication in young professionals. With such attitude and aptitude, MBAs become adaptive to changing situations. It also makes them loyal to their career.

Thus, a perfect blend of right attitude and required aptitude is certainly a suffix in your MBA journey.

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