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Business Analytics
Your Chance At A Golden Future

If you know a bit of programming and want to develop this skill further, and if you want to groom yourself into a confident public speaker with excellent social skills, an MBA in Business Analytics is the right course for you. The demand for Business Analytics graduates is only going to rise because every company is driven by data these days. Whether it’s manufacturing decisions, marketing strategies, recruitment processes, etc. all major decisions are derived with the help of Business Analysts.

Role of A Business Analyst

A Business Analyst has become a core member of an organization in today’s VUCA world. As the image below shows, a business analyst discharges key responsibilities like:

Assess Data linked to key areas.
Understand, Interpret and Predict Business Patterns.
Provide insights into potential areas of growth.
Solve business problems.

Hiring Trends

Companies are looking beyond the top-tier, high-ranking institutes to fill in the position of business analyst. Management institutes in Delhi NCR have become the preferred option for various companies looking for business analytics. The images below highlight this increasing trend of companies looking at institutes in Faridabad, for instance, to make their hiring.

The images reveal that a lot of companies in Gurgaon, Noida, and Faridabad are hiring students of institutes of Delhi NCR for the Business Analyst profile. These business analysts are alumni of institutes in Faridabad.

Internship Opportunities for Business Analysts

There are a number of internship opportunities available to students of MBA Business Analytics. They use these opportunities to gain experience and practical knowledge and kickstart their journey as Business Analysts.

Opportunities in the Retail Sector for Business Analysts

There is no dearth of openings in the retail sector for Business Analysts. In the retail sector, Business Analysts play a crucial role:

They analyze retail data such as stock, sales, pricing, customer behavior, etc. and contribute in decision-making.
They analyze financial results, historical trends, and the effects of policies implemented.
They ensure that the goals of the company, with respect to, sales, profit, inventory, etc are achieved.

The following pictures show some of the opportunities available for Business Analysts.