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CAT is a national-level exam that the Indian Institute of Management conducts. It is a competitive examination and this exam has become a benchmark for all management aspirants. 

CAT Coaching Institutes are very popular in India because of the requirement to crack this examination. Intensive preparation and learning begin one year before the Common Admissions Test to get into the top B-Schools. 

The expected date for the CAT exam is on November 27, 2022. The candidates seeking MBA admission to all 20 the Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) and other 100 top B-schools should check coaching centres, study materials and free mock tests. 

Therefore, every student searches for the best coaching centre while preparing for the CAT exam. Coaching institutes' primary objective is to help students' performance by guiding them in reaching their full potential.

Coaching Institute assists the students in the CAT exam with mock test papers, which aids in preparing appropriately and approaching the CAT exam without any anxiety. Coaching institutes also provide online and offline and classroom Coaching.

Which are the best coaching institutes for CAT 2022 Preparations?

Post-Pandemic, many online coaching institutes came into existence. Choosing the best coaching centre for CAT is one of the challenging parts because every coaching centre is best in one way or another. The key factors that Students consider while choosing the best centre:

  • Fee structure
  • Location
  • Review
  • Faculty
  • Mode of Coaching: Online / Offline
  • After exam support till GDPI and WAT.

We have compiled a list of the top 11 CAT Coaching Institutes in India 2022, offline and online, which can help you prepare for the entrance test.

1. CATKing CAT Coaching Institute

CATKing started its journey as a focused education and technology company in 2008. CATKing coaching centre is in India's Financial Capital - Mumbai, a one-stop shop for MBA/MS students looking for strategic, engaging, and high-quality education.

  1. Fee structure - The fees for CAT 2022 Intensive Course is Rs. 24,999/-
  2. Location - Mumbai
  3. Review - 4.5
  4. Faculty - IIMs, SP Jain, NMIMS, JBIMS, and NIT Alumni
  5. Mode of Coaching: Online
  6. After exam support till GDPI and WAT - Yes

CATKing provides online coaching classes for CAT and other Non CAT exams with the study materials, mock tests, WAT and GDPI, and other non-aptitude exams.

For CAT Coaching, candidates can opt for the CATKing CAT Coaching institute.

2. Cracku CAT Coaching Institute

Cracku coaching centre is an educational organization established in 2014 by IIT-IIM graduates. 

  • Fee structure - The fees for CAT 2022 Course is Rs. 14999
  • Location - Hyderabad
  • Review - 4.3
  • Faculty - IIMs and IIT Alumni
  • Mode of Coaching: Online
  • After exam support till GDPI and WAT - No

Cracku coaching offers online coaching classes and test preparation materials for MBA, Banking, SSC, and Railways exams. 

To assist students in succeeding in these exams, they provide mock exams, videos, notes, solved example sets, and topic tests.

For the best CAT coaching, Cracku CAT Coaching is one of the options for candidates.

3. Elites Grid CAT Coaching Institute

Elites Grid Academy is an innovator in the field of online CAT preparation. Outstanding CAT Percentilers run the caching centre. 

Elites Grid coaching centre started the journey in the CAT coaching field in 2015. EG has been an integral part of students' exam preparation for admission to India's Premier MBA Colleges.

  1. Fee structure - The fees for CAT 2022 Course is Rs. 30000
  2. Location - Delhi
  3. Review - 4.9
  4. Faculty - IIM Alumni's
  5. Mode of Coaching: Online
  6. After exam support till GDPI and WAT - No

Through Elites Grid's unique philosophy of academic Coaching, it seeks to support every aspirant's preparatory path during the most vital years of their career. Apart from CAT, the Elites Grid coaching centre provides coaching for GMAT also.

Let us take you through Elites Grid CAT Coaching Course Detail and Fees.

4. Hitbullseye CAT Coaching Institute

Hitbullseye coaching centre is among the first institutes to offer online classes. They are India's fastest-growing online test-prep service, with an unbeatable quantity and quality of learning tools. 

Hitbullseye Mentored More than 1 lakh students with the help team of excellent academicians and professionals.

  1. Fee structure - The fee for CAT Pioneer Batch '22 is Rs. 22499
  2. Location - Chandigarh
  3. Review - 4.7
  4. Faculty - IIM Alumni's
  5. Mode of Coaching: Online and Offline
  6. After exam support till GDPI and WAT - Yes

Hitbullseye coaching institute is known for its creativity in the education market, with over two decades of experience in the test-prep industry and extraordinary credentials. 

Hitbullseye coaching centre provides the best-in-class learning experience; their online tools cover a comprehensive variety of advantages to users, making learning more enjoyable, convenient, and imaginative. 

Apart from CAT, Hitbullseye provides coaching for MAT, XAT, CMAT, NMAT, SNAP, IIFT, IBSAT, TISS-NET, MH-CET and Executive MBA.

Let us take you through Hitbullseye CAT Coaching Course Detail and Fees.

5. CetKing CAT Coaching Institute

Cetking Coaching institute is a group of individuals who have completed their MBA from prestigious institutions and share a similar passion for teaching and contributing to the youngsters.

Ravneet Gandhi, a JBIMS graduate, is the founder of Cetking. 

  1. Fee structure - The fees for CAT 2022 course is Rs. 25000
  2. Location - Mumbai
  3. Review - 4
  4. Faculty - Top MBA Graduates
  5. Mode of Coaching: Online and Offline 
  6. After exam support till GDPI and WAT - Yes

CetKing coaching centre provides classes for different exams CAT, CET, CMAT, NMAT, SNAP, TISS, XAT, GDPI, MAT, ATMA, GMAT, and GRE. It has expanded from 100 students in its initial year to over 25,000 pupils yearly.

Let us take you through CetKing CAT Coaching Course details and Fees.

6. iQuanta CAT Coaching Institute

iQuanta coaching institute has achieved what other players have gained over 15 years within 4 years of its foundation. iQuanta CAT coaching institute, formerly a fresh child in the market, is now considered India's best CAT online coaching institute. 

  1. Fee structure - The fees for CAT 2022 FULL COURSE is Rs. 29000
  2. Location - Gurgaon
  3. Review - 4.7
  4. Faculty - Indrajeet Singh and top experts
  5. Mode of Coaching: Online 
  6. After exam support till GDPI and WAT - Yes

iQuanta coaching centre successfully assisted students in reaching their goals and gained something more valuable than quantifiable results- trust. Apart from CAT, iQuanta coaching institute provides online Coaching for GDPI, NMAT, SNAP, LRDI, Quant, VARC, and XAT.

Let us take you through the iQuanta CAT Coaching Course details, Fees and Location.

7. 2IIM CAT Coaching Institute

2IIM.com coaching institute is an IIM alumnus organization established in 2001 by K. S. Baskar, an IIM Calcutta graduate.

2IIM coaching centre offers CAT online coaching with extensive CAT study material in correspondence courses and online CAT preparation tools.

2IIM starts with the fundamentals and builds on them layer by layer.

  1. Fee structure - The fees for CAT 2022 Course is Rs. 39000
  2. Location - Chennai
  3. Review - 4
  4. Faculty - Rajesh Balasubramanian and Bharathwaj Udayakumar
  5. Mode of Coaching: Online 
  6. After exam support till GDPI and WAT - No

Along with CAT coaching, 2IIM provides IPMAT coaching sessions also.

Let us take you through 2iim CAT Coaching institute fees and course details.

8. Mindworkzz By Arun Sharma CAT Coaching

Mindworkzz is one of the excellent CAT coaching institutes in India. 

Mindworkzz CAT coaching centre was launched 20 years back by the renowned author and instructor Mr Arun Sharma, an IIM Bangalore alumnus.

Mindworzz coaching institute is India's leading aptitude training institute for CAT exam preparation. Arun Sharma has been mentoring corporate leaders, CAT, and other B-School Entrance exam applicants for the past few years. 

  1. Fee structure - The fee for the CAT 2022 Comprehensive Course is Rs.59,700.
  2. Location - Delhi
  3. Review - 4.9
  4. Faculty - IIM Graduates
  5. Mode of Coaching: Online
  6. After exam support till GDPI and WAT - Yes

With the CAT exam, Mindworkzz coaching Institute provides other MBA entrance exam coaching like XAT, NMAT, IIFT and SNAP.

Let us take you through Mindworkzz CAT Coaching institute by Arun Sharma.

9. Career Launcher CAT Coaching Institute

Career Launcher institute is a part of CL Educate Ltd. Career Launcher coaching centre is one of India's leading best CAT coaching institutes. 

Career Launcher coaching institute has been focusing on transforming students' careers with a commitment to quality education for the past 25 years.

The Career Launcher coaching centre is led by a team of highly trained professionals.

  1. Fee structure - The fees for CAT 2022 Course is Rs. Rs.36,950.
  2. Location - Faridabad
  3. Review - 4.2
  4. Faculty - IIT/IIM graduates
  5. Mode of Coaching: Online and Offline
  6. After exam support till GDPI and WAT - No

Career Launcher also provides XAT/NMAT/CMAT/IIFT/SNAP/TISS-NET coaching along with CAT 2022.

Let us take you through Career Launcher CAT Coaching Institute Course details, Fees and Location.

10. TIME CAT Coaching Institute

Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. -TIME Coaching Institute is considered India's highly appreciated CAT coaching institute. 

T.I.M.E coaching centre is India's leading exam preparation institute with a pan-India presence.

TIME coaching institute was launched in 1992 and now it has 190 branches in 100 towns and cities across India.

  1. Fee structure - The fees for CAT 2022 Course is Rs. Rs.34,950.
  2. Location - Hyderabad
  3. Review - 4.8
  4. Faculty - IIT/IIM graduates
  5. Mode of Coaching: Online and Offline
  6. After exam support till GDPI and WAT - Yes

Apart from the CAT exam, TIME coaching institute takes other MBA entrance exam coaching like MAT, CMAT, GMAT, and MHCET-MBA. 

TIME coaching centre also provides Coaching for BANK/SSC, AP-ICET / TS-ICET, GATE, CRT and GRE.

Let us take you through TIME CAT Coaching Institute fees and Course Details.

11. IMS CAT Coaching Institute

The official website of IMS - www.imsindia.com/ is owned and operated by IMS Learning Resources Private Limited-IMS.

IMS Coaching institute has been considered to be one of the best CAT coaching institutes in India for the past 45 years. 

  1. Fee structure - CAT Online Program fee is Rs. 23,541/
  2. Location - Mumbai
  3. Review - 4.8
  4. Faculty - IIT/IIM graduates
  5. Mode of Coaching: Online and Offline
  6. After exam support till GDPI and WAT - Yes

Apart from CAT, the IMS coaching centre provides other MBA entrance exam coaching like CMAT and GMAT. 

IMS coaching centre also helps prepare for GRE, GATEME, IPM BBA, CUET, CLAT, SAT and Bank, SSC-CGL & Govt. Exam.

Let us take you through the IMS CAT Coaching institute course details and fees.

What is the best time for the CAT 2022 exam Coaching?

The best time for undergoing CAT coaching is between 12 and 6 months. The best preparation time for the CAT exam is 12 months, which helps the candidates to prepare adequately and comprehensively.

Students with strong fundamental knowledge join the coaching centre for crash courses of 6 months or 3 months which helps them to prepare more on advanced topics. 

Are 2 years of preparation enough for the CAT exam?

Yes. 2 years are more than enough for CAT exam preparation. 

The time for CAT preparation depends on the individual. If candidates choose a coaching centre over self-study, then 1-year dedicated practice is enough. 

If the candidate chooses self-study, they should start preparing from their second year of graduation. The preparation should start with the best CAT books so that the students can get enough time for adequate preparation.

However, the complete preparation depends on candidates, like how well they spend time for practice different question papers and mock tests.

Through Sufficient Preparation Can any student crack CAT 2022?

Yes. Every student can crack the CAT entrance exam through sufficient preparation. All that is required is accurate preparation and support to pass the CAT with a perfect good Score.

When should students start taking coaching classes for the CAT exam?

The preparation begins from the time a student decides to matriculate in a Management Institute to pursue an MBA or a Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). 

To achieve the best results, students should join the coaching institute in the last year of their graduation.

The aspirants must begin learning from the fundamental principles and start solving practice questions, but they must minimize stress during preparation. 

Can a student do self-study for CAT?

Yes, students can do self-study for the CAT entrance exam. Cracking the Common Admission test is challenging. However, self-study and Coaching could help individuals clear the CAT entrance exam. 

CAT exam covers Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), and Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR). Proper preparation and practice with the help of notes, mock tests, and exercises can create success. 

Mentoring or Coaching gives the students expert support in the preparation phase.

Does coaching for CAT matter?

Yes, the coaching for CAT 2022 exam matters. Through Coaching, students get more information, preparation materials, and expert support through classes and mentoring.

Stay informed, Stay ahead and stay inspired with MBA Rendezvous.