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The MBA exam season has kickstarted in India for the upcoming 2024-26 academic session. Students and professionals across the board are burning the midnight oil to crack the entrance exams and get a step closer to their dream course and college. Figuring out what college(s) to apply to is the most crucial bit. One can only prepare well when the aim is crystal clear.

The 7Cs to keep in mind while choosing a management institute are: 

1. Career Goals

2. Competence – Identifying & Building

3. Curriculum

4. Connectivity

5. Campus Life

6. Category & Legacy

7. Cost & Benefits

Career Goals

Before deciding the ‘how,’ figure out ‘what’ and ‘why.’ A student must recognize his/her area of interest and reasons why he/she wants to pursue an MBA for the same. After identifying short-term and long-term career goals, one must shortlist institutions that will help achieve those goals.

Competence – Identifying & Building

One of the essential steps after identifying career goals is self-evaluation. It is critical to understand what one’s capacity, caliber and competencies are. While it is good to dream about an A-list college and work hard towards it. But it is a futile exercise if one does not have the required credentials and minimum eligibility. A consistent academic record and a balanced profile apart from minimum cut off marks are a must to get shortlisted.

The second part is to choose those colleges that help in developing the new competencies one aspires for. This is possible with experienced and well-qualified faculty members. Professors with extensive industry experience and global exposure facilitate competency building.


Finding out about the curriculum and course structure of the programme should be the next step. The academic curriculum must be one that is industry-oriented and evolves continuously with the changing industry demands. It must offer subjects that help in developing skills and capability.


B-schools are all about networking and making connections. A college with a vast alumni network and which gives opportunities to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities should be an ideal choice. It is helpful to go through the college website and get a fair idea about the kind of activities one can indulge in while being part of the setup. 

Campus Life

The two years spent in a b-school campus and hostel help shape up character and conscience. Most b-schools are located away from the hustle of the city and offer a lush green and serene campus. They are like a mini town in itself. Spending time 24x7 with like-minded individuals adds on to a holistic experience. Reading through student blogs, Facebook pages, and connecting with seniors and alumni can be helpful.

Category & Legacy

A significant part of the MBA is about branding. While considering a college, it is essential to go through its reputation, category, and the legacy it carries at a national and global level. There are 5000 b-schools in India, but only a handful are considered category one institutes. Various agencies / bodies evaluate colleges on different parameters. The rankings of institutes do reflect on the quality of education and experience they offer. Pursuing an MBA from a reputed b-schools adds on to the curriculum vitae and boosts placement prospects.

Cost & Benefits

MBA is an expensive programme. While choosing a college, students must go through the overall cost, which includes tuition fees, hostel fees, and other miscellaneous fees and expenses. Meanwhile, finding out about eligibility for scholarships and loans is also advisable. Last but not least, the ROI of the programme should be taken into consideration.

Deciding what colleges to join should be a well weighted decision. Choosing the right management institute will help lay a strong foundation for life ahead, both professional and personal. 

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