CMAT Score Vs Percentile

CMAT Exam Date: 4th May 2023

CMAT Score Vs Percentile

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The Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) 2022 is scheduled to take place on 09th April 2022 to decide the fate of thousands of candidates aspiring for admission to over 1000 business schools across the country. The results of CMAT 2022 is expected to be announced in April 2022. The CMAT scores and, more importantly, the CMAT percentiles will decide whether the candidates make it or not.

CMAT Score Vs Percentile

Candidates appearing for CMAT can look forward to their CMAT scores, CMAT percentiles and all India ranks, once the CMAT 2022 results are announced. Candidates must understand the difference between the CMAT score and CMAT percentile, as these are two different concepts.


CMAT 2022 Expected cutoff

CMAT Score

The CMAT score is nothing but the total number of marks, which a candidate scores in all the four sections of the CMAT exam. The total marks of the CMAT exam is 400. The marking scheme of CMAT 2022 is as follows:

  • For every correct answer, the candidate is awarded 4 marks.
  • For each incorrect answer, the candidate loses out 1 mark.
  • For unanswered questions, no negative marking is done.

The number of marks a candidate scores in each of the four sections decides the CMAT score of the candidate.


Once the CMAT scores come out, candidates’ ranks are allotted on the basis of the CMAT score. If more than one candidate scores the same CMAT score, they will be awarded the same rank and their names will be arranged in a chronological order. The rank of the subsequent candidates will be extended by the number of additional students who have the same CMAT rank. For example, if three students have the 15th rank, then the subsequent candidate will get 18th rank.

CMAT Percentile

To calculate the CMAT Percentile of a candidate, the following things are required:

  • CMAT Rank (calculated on the basis of the CMAT Score)
  • Number of students who appeared in CMAT 2022

The formula to calculate the CMAT Percentile, as prescribed by the National Testing Agency (NTA), the conducting body, is:

Percentile= 100 x Number of candidates who appeared in the CMAT exam with raw marks equal to or less than the                                 candidate  / Total number of candidates appeared in CMAT                                                          


CMAT Score Accepting Institutes

How to Check CMAT 2022 Cutoff

1. Click on the official website-

2. Click on login

3. Enter the CMAT 2022 ID and Password

4. CMAT 2022 score will be displayed

5. Save and print

CMAT 2022 Expected Cut off

Based on previous years’ trends, CMAT 2022 expected cut off for the reputed colleges is likely to be as follows:

Name of the Institute

Expected Cut-off (Percentile)

JBIMS, Mumbai






XISS Ranchi


MET Institute of Management, Mumbai


Pune University Department of Management Studies


We School Mumbai


IFIM Business School, Bangalore


Jaipuria Institue of Mangement, Noida


BIMTECH Greater Noida


CMAT Score VS Percentile 2022

Here is the CMAT score range and the percentile after score normalization.

CMAT Score Range out of 400 Marks

CMAT Percentile Range after score normalization 













Below 116

Below 51

Common FAQs

Q1. How can I find the CMAT 2022 cut off?
A1. After the CMAT 2022 results are announced, the CMAT 2022 cut off and other admission criteria can be viewed on the official website of the CMAT accepting institutions.

Q2. What are the factors that determine the CMAT 2022 cut off?
A2. The factors that determine the CMAT 2022 cut off are:

  • Number of candidates passing the CMAT exam
  • Number of seats available
  • Difficulty level of CMAT exam
  • Total number of candidates appearing in the CMAT exam

Q3. List top colleges that accept CMAT cut off.
A3. Some top colleges that accept CMAT cut off are:

  • JBIMS, Mumbai
  • SIMSREE, Mumbai
  • PUMBA Pune
  • XISS Ranchi

Q4. What score is 85 percentile in CMAT?
A3. In Between 201-280 score is 85 Percentile in CMAT.

Q5. What is a good score in CMAT?
A4. CMAT cut offs of top MBA colleges accepting the exam score are usually around 95 to 99 percentile every year.

Q6. Is 150 a good score in CMAT?
A5. Following is the scoring pattern in CMAT 2022: Maximum marks 400.

CMAT Score Range out of 400 Marks

CMAT Percentile Range after score normalization 











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