CMAT 2019 Slot-1 Analysis (Morning Shift 9:30 am to 12:30 pm)

CMAT Exam Date: March 2023 (Tentative)

CMAT 2019 Slot-1 Analysis (Morning Shift 9:30 am to 12:30 pm)

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The CMAT 2019 exam for the morning shift is over now. The afternoon shift exam for CMAT 2019 will start from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Also, please note that the CMAT 2019 exam for 187 students from Kashmir region has been rescheduled to 29th January 2019, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. Read details here.

The slot 1 of the CMAT 2019 exam was conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency) for the first time this year. Also, it is the first time that the NTA CMAT 2019 exam is conducted in two slots – morning and afternoon.

The difficulty level and CMAT 2019 exam pattern was almost predictable and expected. DI, Language Comprehension and GK were slightly tough.

Let’s go through the key highlights and CMAT 2019 slot-1 analysis.

CMAT 2019 Slot-1 Timings

  1. The CMAT 2019 exam began at sharp 9:30 pm. The reporting time was 7:30 am
  2. There have been no technical anomalies reported from any of the 64 CMAT 2019 exam city centers

CMAT 2019 Slot-1 Exam Pattern Analysis

  1. There were 4 sections in the CMAT 2019 exam paper – Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation, Language Comprehension, Logical Reasoning and General Awareness
  2. There were 25 questions in each
  3. Each question was 4 marks
  4. There was a negative marking of -1 mark for every incorrect answer
  5. The CMAT 2019 exam had 100 questions and the maximum marks were 400

CMAT 2019 Slot-1 Difficulty

  1. The Language Comprehension section was moderately tough
  1. The QA questions were moderate and DI questions were towards the tougher side
  2. The LR section was not that tough either
  3. The General Awareness section was on predicated lines and was moderately tough.
  4. The general nature of questions was not straight-forward. The questions were slightly tricky
  5. The overall difficulty of CMAT 2019 exam as compared to CAT 2018, SNAP 2018, IIFT 2018 or XAT 2019 was not very high

CMAT 2019 Slot-1 Expected Cutoff

  1. The CMAT 2019 cutoff is not expected to go very high and will remain
  2. A CMAT 2019 score between 200 to 220 will fetch you 85 to 90 percentile score
  3. A CMAT 2019 score 230 will fetch you around 92 to 94 percentile score
  4. A CMAT 2019 score 240 will fetch you around 95 to 97 percentile score

CMAT 2019 Score - Overall

Expected CMAT 2019 Percentile








99 -100

CMAT 2019 Slot-1 Analysis Overview

CMAT 2019 Exam Section

CMAT 2019 Exam Questions

CMAT 2019 Total Marks

CMAT 2019 Exam Difficulty

Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation




Language Comprehension



Moderate to Tough

Logical Reasoning




General Awareness



Moderate to Tough




Moderately Tough

CMAT 2019 Slot-1 Answer Key

The answer key for the slot-1 of CMAT 2019 exam is expected to be out by the end of January 2019 i.e. in the next 2 to 3 days

NOTE: CMAT 2019 Slot-2 exam will start at 2:30 pm.  

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