FAQs about FORE School of Management Courses

Providing quality education in management for the past 40 years, FORE School of Management gives a life-turning experience which enables the students to reach new heights in their professional life along with a holistic development. Over 6000 students have graduated from FSM since its inception in 1981.


1. What are the courses offered at FORE School of Management?

FORE School of Management offers the following Academic Programmes:
1. Two Year Full Time Post Graduate Diploma in Management,
2. Two Year Full Time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (International Business),
3. Two Year Full Time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Financial Management),
4. Two Year Full Time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Big Data Analytics)


2. What is the credit score structure of these courses?

Year and Term Wise Credit Course Structure-

Year and Term Wise Credit Course Structure

First year


21 credits (core)


21 credits (core)


18 credits (12 credits from Core courses + 6 credits from Electives)

1 week International Immersion Programme* of 1.5 credit (will reflect in Term-6)

8-10 weeks Summer Internship  Project of 6.0 credit

Second year



18 credits (Electives)


9 credits (Electives)


10.5 credits (electives including 1.5 credit earned in IIP)


103.5 credits


3. What is International Immersion Program (IIP)?

International Immersion Programme (IIP) is a complementary component of the PGDM/PGDM-IB/PGDM-FM programs. The IIP is spread over one-full-week, wherein the students attend half-credit courses of their choice, visit industrial/corporate locations and sites of historical importance.


4. In which all universities is IIP of FORE School of Management conducted?

- Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
- National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore


5. What is the Student Exchange Program(SEP) at FORE School of Management?

Students at FORE School of Management can avail the opportunity to study abroad in one of the campuses of our foreign-partner institutions for a brief period of three months (one term) normally during the winter (January-March). The SEP provides a powerful platform to our students to exchange ideas and learnings with the foreign institution and students.


6. Is there any scholarship at FORE School of Management?

All students, except those who have taken admission under the “Company-Sponsored Category” in the PGDM Programme viz. PGDM, PGDM(IB), PGDM(FM) & PGDM(BDA) are eligible for the award of Means-cum-Merit Scholarship.


7. What are the eligibility criteria of the scholarship?

- A student must have scored a minimum CGPA of 6.50 on 10.00 scale until the last grade point declaration by the Institute.
- The student’s aggregate family income* including self, should be less than Rs.8.00 lakhs per annum.
- The applicant must not have secured “D” and “F” Grade in any course.