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Manav Rachna University takes great pride in its commitment to offering outstanding financial support options for MBA students. This ensures that deserving individuals can pursue their higher education goals without facing financial strain. With a dedicated loan assistance cell and strategic alliances with prominent banks and financial institutions, MREI provides a wide range of comprehensive financial solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of its student community.

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Whether through scholarships, grants, or flexible loan options, MREI aims to help students focus on their academic and professional growth without worrying excessively about financial constraints. By providing a supportive and inclusive environment, MREI reinforces its dedication to giving talent and enabling access to quality education for aspiring business leaders, thereby contributing positively to their personal and professional development.

recruitmentEducation Loans

At Manav Rachna, it is a top priority to empower meritorious students to pursue their chosen courses and lay the groundwork for successful careers. To facilitate this, MREI has established a dedicated loan assistance cell, collaborating with various Fintech companies and nationalized banks to offer both short-term and long-term loans for new and existing students.

●        Flexible Repayment Options: Students availing of education loans have the flexibility to repay through monthly EMIs or opt for flexible installments. With the auto-debit option, payments are automatically scheduled, ensuring timely payments and convenience for students. This seamless process involves a one-time registration, streamlining the payment process for borrowers.

●        Credit-Based Offerings: Education loans at MREI are tailored based on the credit history of the co-applicant and the academic performance of the applicant. This ensures that loans are accessible to deserving students while maintaining responsible lending practices.

●        Comprehensive Guidance: MREI provides comprehensive guidance to students regarding the loan acquisition process. Detailed instructions are available on the official websites of partner banks, supplemented by counseling sessions conducted by MREI experts. These sessions ensure that students have a clear understanding of document requirements, verification standards, and other essential terms and conditions associated with education loans.

factorsDetails of the Education Loan

Manav Rachna is dedicated to providing academic excellence and supporting talented individuals in pursuing their MBA aspirations. To facilitate access to quality education, it offers a range of scholarships. Here is a brief of the education loan provided by Manav Rachna University for the MBA Course:

1. Tuition Fee Waiver Based on CAT-2023 Score:

Students applying for MBA programs at MREI can avail of tuition fee waivers based on their CAT-2023 scores. The percentage of tuition fee waiver varies according to the following criteria:

2. Tuition Fee Waiver Based on MAT/CMAT/ATMA-2024 Score:

Additionally, candidates can qualify for tuition fee waivers based on their MAT/CMAT/ATMA-2024 scores. The percentage of tuition fee waiver is determined as follows:


adviceMREI's MBA Admission Details and Career Opportunities

Admission Process:

Submission of Application: Prospective candidates are required to submit their applications online through the official website.

Uploading of Documents: Upon submission of the application, candidates must upload all necessary documents as per the specified requirements.

Selection of Candidate and Offer of Admission Letter: Admission to the MBA program at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (MRIIRS) is based on merit. Candidates are evaluated through the Manav Rachna National Aptitude Test (MRNAT), along with other specified criteria.

Candidates are allowed to prioritize their program choices during the application stage. If a candidate's first choice program is not available in the initial list, they may be considered for subsequent choices.

Seats are allotted based on the preferences indicated in the application form and the candidate's merit, as determined by their performance in the MRNAT or other specified exams.

In case of vacant seats, they may be filled based on the merit of the qualifying examination.

Acceptance of Admission and Payment of Fee: Selected candidates are required to accept the admission offer and pay the prescribed fees within the stipulated time frame to confirm their seats.

Physical Verification of Documents and Enrollment Process: Candidates who have accepted the admission offer must undergo physical verification of documents as per university requirements and complete the enrollment process.

recruitmentCareer Opportunities through MREI:

Manav Rachna has been actively involved in providing excellent placement opportunities for its MBA students. Here are some key highlights of MBA placements at Manav Rachna University:

1. Top recruiters: The university attracts top recruiters from various industries, including IT, consulting, finance, and more.

2. Highest package: The highest package offered to MBA students during the placement process stood at INR 54 LPA, reflecting the quality of education and talent pool at the university.

3. Average package: While the average package for MBA placements in 2023 has not been explicitly mentioned, it can be inferred that the university provides competitive average packages based on the high placement rate and the impressive highest package offered.

4. New-age job roles: Manav Rachna University prides itself on offering new-age job roles to its MBA graduates, aligning with the evolving industry demands and providing students with opportunities to excel in their chosen fields.

At Manav Rachna International, there's a wide array of career paths waiting for you, tailored to your skills and interests.



Manav Rachna is committed to supporting MBA aspirants by providing accessible and affordable education through its exceptional financial assistance programs. Through scholarships, grants, and education loans, MREI ensures that deserving students can pursue their academic goals without financial burden. The institution's dedication is evident in its guidance on loan processes and flexible repayment options.

MREI's emphasis on merit-based admissions and career-oriented programs highlights its commitment to nurturing talent and facilitating holistic development. As students set on their MBA journey at MREI, they are equipped with academic excellence and opportunities for personal and professional growth. With a supportive environment and numerous career prospects, MREI catalyzes turning aspirations into achievements.

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