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According to a recent survey released by GMAC, an international association that represents the topmost business schools, people who are thinking about getting into B-schools are focused more on enriching their lives rather than enhancing income. Only 15% of the people are looking to expand their income stream. 

Gen Z is more interested in full-time traditional two-year MBA degrees, majorly in finance and accounting, while millennials look for part-time MBA programs. This is well obvious! While each generation has its own career preferences, older candidates have more work or home responsibilities and more established connections. The younger candidates, on the other hand, want to expand their networks.

How do millennials gain from an MBA degree?

Today, millennials are recognizing how important it is to pursue a higher education degree. On the off chance, you can still be successful without a degree if you have it in you. But sometimes the door of opportunities remains closed otherwise. 

Well, many famous entrepreneurs do not have an MBA degree, yet have a highly successful career. Unfortunately, not everyone has what Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk has.

An MBA program helps build valuable connections since there will be students, professors, and professionals from numerous industries and backgrounds. The MBA degree also makes you a better worker. You gain the ability to think strategically and meet tight deadlines, which help a lot later in your corporate career. You get to have an incredible opportunity to enhance social skills and have a lasting career path.

One must have a solid understanding of how to apply the degree to his career to gain the advantages. It can be applied to a wide range of businesses and industries. However, while looking for your next job, you need to have prior work experience in the field in which you are taking an MBA course.

Gen Zers- What’s in store for you?

You are young and you are looking to make an impact. The business schools are also working hard to stay relevant to future business leaders. 

The younger generation isn’t looking for impressive job titles or huge salaries. They may want to work for an impactful organization or launch their own startup. Savvy business schools like MDI Gurgaon and T. A. Pai Management Institute have realized that they need to make their management programs relevant to the Gen Z demands and digital working practices.

Henceforth, they are tapping into the hunger of Gen Zers to take up more sustainable, entrepreneurial roles. Business schools are becoming highly competitive to meet the demands of the next generation. They are doing their best to inculcate students with the right knowledge and skills with an MBA degree.

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