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GMAC introduced a new version of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). It's happening as GMAC plans to present an updated version of the exam called the GMAT Exam - Focus Edition. The Registration for GMATTM Exam - Focus Edition will open on August 29 for testing starting in Q4 2023.

Amidst this perplexing situation, you may find yourself considering which GMAT preparation best aligns with your requirements right now! It's essential to narrow down all the information that, as a GMAT test taker, you must know.

So, Should I Prepare for the old GMAT or the New GMAT Focus?

If you're gearing up to apply in 2023, you can rest assured that you'll tackle the good old traditional GMAT. There's no need to get caught up in the buzz surrounding the fancy new exam for now.

You can kickstart your preparations with the current version and dive into the nitty-gritty later if anything changes down the road. And hey, if you decide to give both tests a shot, you'll have the freedom to choose which set of scores you want to submit.

The story so far tells that the edition will comprise quantitative reasoning (QR), Verbal Reasoning (VR), and Data Insights (DI). Luckily, there will be no Sentence Correction (SC) or Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA). More updates will be released soon.

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But how can you prepare for the new edition, and what can you study for the GMAT focus edition? Let’s put it simply:

What to Study for the GMAT Focus Edition?

As per the GMAC, the GMAT Focus Edition places a maximum emphasis on "critical reasoning and data literacy, which hold particular relevance and applicability in the future business landscape."

Now, let's introduce you to four significant content changes in the GMAT Focus Edition that directly impact the study material of test takers.

Data Insights

Data insight skills are the most noteworthy topic of the GMAT Exam - Focus Edition. The topic replaces Data Literacy skills and integrated reasoning, which have been scored separately so far.

Quant Section:

Good news! Geometry questions won’t be there anymore.

Verbal Section:

GMAC has eliminated sentence corrections from this section.

Essay Section:

Students will also get rid of the analytical writing assessment.

In addition to the given topics, the majority of the GMAT syllabus will be similar to the older edition. However, test-takers must keep in mind that data-sufficiency questions and integrated reasoning are part of Data Insights.

Best Study Material for the GMAT Focus Edition

While specific resources tailored exclusively for the GMAT Exam - Focus Edition may not be widely available at this moment, several reliable study materials can still be highly valuable for your preparation. Here are some top recommendations:

GMAT Focus Edition Sample Paper

The sample paper is unarguably the most helpful thing to gear up for the GMAT's latest edition in advance. The official website can get you these sample papers with 70+ GMAT questions. Just submit the login details, and you will be good to go.

Official Guide and Tools

You can even purchase some official guides and tools, like e-books and an online question bank, from platforms like MBA.com for rugged preparation.

GMAT Test Paper

You can even practice questions on the GMAT test paper, which isn’t linked with the Focus Edition exam, but it will practically prepare you for the test.

Books for Preparation

All the books that you have been using earlier for GMAT preparation will be good enough to be champs in the GMAT Exam - Focus Edition.

Final Words

The GMAT Exam - Focus Edition has four key content changes. By embracing these modifications, the new edition seeks to prepare test takers for the ever-evolving business landscape. Take help from the official guide, tools, and practice papers to become better at it.

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