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Difference Between GMAT and GMAT Focus Edition: Explained

Difference Between GMAT and GMAT Focus Edition: Explained

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Difference Between GMAT and GMAT Focus Edition: Explained

Navigating the path toward your academic and career aspirations is a bit like picking the perfect outfit for a special occasion. Especially when one is labeled GMAT and the other, a more modern twist, GMAT Focus Edition. Folks often find it difficult to unwrap the difference. If that’s also the case with you, here’s a brief guide. Starting with an individual introduction of each alternative.

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GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

Think of GMAT as your ticket to B school. It's a test that checks how good you are at writing, understanding stuff, and solving problems. If you're aiming for an MBA or other cool management programs, GMAT is like a cool handshake to get in.

GMAT Focus Edition

GMAT Focus Edition is the cool cousin of GMAT! It's like a quick version of the regular test. Instead of the usual four sections, this one's got a trio: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Data Insights. This edition is designed to provide a shorter test-taking experience, allowing you to showcase your skills in a more focused manner. It retains the core elements of GMAT but with a more efficient structure.

Difference between GMAT and GMAT Focus Edition

Alright, let's break it down and understand how GMAT is similar yet different from the GMAT focus edition.

Exam Structure:

The GMAT is like a four-course meal, such as Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment can be assumed as its main dishes. On the flip side, the GMAT Focus Edition is a bit leaner, serving up three courses: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Data Insights.

Test Duration:

Time is of the essence! GMAT keeps you in the exam room for 3 hours and 7 minutes, while the GMAT Focus Edition gets you out in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Total Number of Questions:

If we talk about the number of questions, GMAT brings 80 questions your way, but the GMAT Focus Edition is a bit more selective, offering 64 questions. Quality over quantity is preferred.

Sections Overview:

In GMAT, Quantitative Reasoning gives you 62 minutes for 31 questions, Verbal Reasoning gives you 65 minutes for 36 questions, Integrated Reasoning lets you tackle 12 questions in 30 minutes, and Analytical Writing Assessment puts a single question on the table for 30 minutes.

Now, shift to the GMAT Focus Edition where all sections get a 45-minute slot. Quantitative Reasoning offers 21 questions, Verbal Reasoning serves up 23 questions, and Data Insights challenges you with 20 questions.

Review & Edit:

Hang on, because here comes a cool feature! GMAT left us hanging without a review & edit option. But the GMAT Focus Edition? It's got our back! You can review, edit, and even bookmark questions for a more tailored experience.


Score time, folks! GMAT's scoring scale ranges from 200 to 800, while the GMAT Focus Edition comes up with a range from 205 to 805.

Score Reports:

You will be addressing the GMAT score reports in a percentile ranking, but the GMAT Focus Edition takes it up a notch with detailed performance insights. It's like getting the extra scoop of ice cream on your dessert.


No need to hurry! The value of both GMAT and GMAT Focus Edition scores lasts for five years. Take your time and plan your next move.


Talking monetary challenges, GMAT's fee in India is INR 22,700. Guess what? The GMAT Focus Edition keeps things consistent with the same exam fee of INR 22,700.


Choosing between GMAT and GMAT Focus Edition depends on your preference for test structure, duration, and features. While GMAT provides a comprehensive assessment, the GMAT Focus Edition offers a streamlined test experience with features like review & edit. So know your requirements and land the best decision of your life.

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