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How Do GITAM's Corporate Collaborations Give You a Head Start in Your Career?

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Since its launch in 1980 by Dr. M.V. V. S. Murthi, a former MP and philanthropist, along with a group of visionary intellectuals and industrialists, the Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM) has emerged as a leading institution with 12 schools of study.

Over the past few decades, GITAM has strategically cultivated corporate collaborations, extending beyond traditional academic pursuits. The direct benefits of these collaborations are realized by the students at the institution. And how's it happening?

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We explored how GITAM establishes strategic partnerships with corporations, leaving a profound impact on the lives of its students, and came up with some interesting findings.

recruitment1. Driving corporate attention

GITAM's impressive rankings, such as being 93rd in the QS-India Rankings 2023 and 160th in the QS-South Asia Rankings 2022, are one of the primary factors drawing the attention of corporate giants.

Recognized as the 23rd best in the South Zone by IIRF 2023 and the 67th among Indian universities in the NIRF-2022 University Rankings, GITAM stands out in the academic landscape.

These achievements act as a magnet for major companies across sectors that are eager to collaborate with GITAM and tap into the pool of talented and well-rounded individuals graduating from the institution.

factors2. Holistic Collaboration Across Verticals

Moreover, the institute adopts a multifaceted approach to corporate engagement, reaching across diverse verticals to create impactful partnerships. Noteworthy is GITAM's collaboration with esteemed organizations such as IPSA, the University of Melbourne, etc.

These collaborations go beyond the traditional realms of academia by extending support to underprivileged yet talented learners.

By joining forces with these leading entities, GITAM not only enhances the educational experience for its students but also underscores the importance of inclusive growth and community development.

top_companies3. Strategic International Alliances

GITAM's global outlook is further enhanced through strategic collaborations with international universities. Partnerships with institutions like Elon University, Central Michigan University, and Florida International University broaden the learning horizons of GITAM's students, offering them a global perspective on their education.

recruitment4. The Role of the GITAM Career Guidance Center

At the heart of GITAM's career-centric initiatives is the Career Guidance Center, a dedicated training and placement center made in collaboration with some highly intellectual individuals. This center focuses on empowering students with employable skills, facilitating placements, and nurturing well-rounded personalities.

The presence of dedicated placement officers, training programs, and educational webinars ensures that students are well-prepared for the professional world.

factors5. Webinars for Corporate Collaboration

These webinars, a key component of GITAM's programs, stand as pivotal hubs for corporate collaboration. Developed in close partnership with industry leaders, these sessions seamlessly connect academic learning with real-world industry demands.

By offering students insights into the dynamic challenges of the corporate world, GITAM's webinars play a crucial role in equipping them with knowledge and skills.

The collaborative nature of these webinars provides students with a practical understanding of the industry landscape, giving them a head start as they step into the professional realm.

factors6. Remarkable Placement Records

GITAM has successfully cultivated ties with a diverse pool of 530+ recruiters. The outcome is truly staggering; with a total of 3500+ offers extended to the graduating students, GITAM saw its placement offers surpass an impressive 46.5 LPA.

What sets GITAM apart is not just the sheer volume of opportunities but also the fact that 960+ students have received multiple offers, underscoring the efficacy of GITAM's collaborative approach.

factors7. Academic Partnerships

GITAM's academic collaborations extend to renowned institutions such as Elon University, Central Michigan University, and Florida International University. These partnerships enrich the academic experience by providing students with exposure to international standards and practices.

factors8. Industry Interaction

At GITAM, the emphasis on industry interaction is a key factor that propels students into promising career trajectories. By establishing strong collaborations with industry leaders such as TATA Consultancy Services, Infosys, HDFC Bank, and Oracle.

This engagement goes beyond textbooks, providing students with a hands-on understanding of industry dynamics. Such interactions pave the way for a seamless transition from academia to the professional world, giving GITAM graduates a distinct advantage as they embark on their careers.

factors9. Professional Collaborations

GITAM's partnerships with organizations like the British Council, UNICEF, and ACCA further contribute to the holistic development of students, emphasizing the importance of a global perspective and social responsibility in their professional journeys.

recruitment10. Research Collaborations

The institute has even established impactful research collaborations with prominent organizations such as IICT, MedNutra Medical, ICPR, and ICRISAT. These strategic partnerships are not just names on paper; they translate into real opportunities for students to engage in cutting-edge research.

By aligning with these entities, GITAM opens doors for students to contribute meaningfully to advancements in their chosen fields. Whether it's delving into innovative projects with IICT or exploring medical breakthroughs alongside MedNutra Medical, GITAM ensures that its students are at the forefront of transformative research experiences.

package11. Diverse Partnerships

In addition to the aforementioned collaborations, GITAM has forged partnerships with SEED, TIME, Stanford University, and others. These partnerships broaden the spectrum of opportunities available to students, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded educational experience.


GITAM's corporate collaborations serve as a stepping stone for students, propelling them toward success in their professional journeys. From academic and international partnerships to industry interactions and research collaborations, GITAM's holistic approach ensures that students are not just academically competent but also equipped with the practical skills and global perspectives needed to thrive in today's competitive world. As GITAM continues to foster meaningful collaborations, it cements its position as an institution dedicated to shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

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