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Manav Rachna

What You Should Look For In An MBA Institute?

There are a number of top business schools to choose from. Each business school has its own set of unique prospects that it offers to students which include great networking opportunities, incredible infrastructure and placements, leadership guidance, mentorship, internships and more. In the nutshell, institutes that offer a balanced curriculum that fosters leadership skills in students, give students ample opportunities to hone their skillsets and create a positive personality and thus, are in the best interest of the student community.


Manav Rachna Meets Industry Expectations

Students have a variety of business schools to choose from. There are institutes where you will find a crowd of academically brilliant students, who take pride in their scores and develop a sense of superiority. The culture in such institutes promotes ruthless academic competition. On the other hand, there are institutes which accept students with average scores and nurture the skills that make them industry-ready. Manav Rachna University falls in the latter category. You might not be the best student academically but rest assured that you will be welcomed at Manav Rachna and turned into a finished product, ready to meet the expectations of the industry.

What Does Industry Look For in an MBA Graduate?

It is not necessary that high scorers become better business professionals or get preference from the industry. If you are an academic over-achiever and focus only on securing high marks during your MBA, you will not be considered industry-ready. In the real world of business, some skills are considered more valuable, as highlighted below.


Choose the Right Institute

There are two kinds of institute preparing students to be the right fit for the industry.

Institute A Institute B
Focuses primarily on academics, other activities are neglected. Focus distributed across various domains including academics, club activities etc.
The entire curriculum is directed towards promoting academic rigour. The curriculum provides space to students to enrich their personalities and participate in various activities happening in the campus.
Students of this institute often start thinking of themselves as superior and lack action-based mentality. Students of this institute develop an appetite for action and learn decision-making. They develop holistic personalities.

For the next-gen to be an all-rounder in management studies and groomed professionals with industry experience and right set of skills, students will definitely pick the Institute B.

When it comes to Manav Rachna University, it has all the elements that make it a right choice for students.

The Manav Rachna Edge

Manav Rachna University welcomes students of all communities and backgrounds, who have the hunger to work hard, grow and prove themselves. It provides all the resources you need to launch successful careers and to climb up the career ladder. The curriculum of management studies at Manav Rachna is holistic and emphasizes upon the skill based learning, real-time problem solving and develop soft skills.

Following are the highlights of the MBA Curriculum at Manav Rachna University:

  • Industry-driven curriculum and pedagogy that include role plays, case studies, simulation and business games.
  • Curriculum includes professional development, foreign language, soft skill development, communication skills.
  • Frequent exposure to industry through industry visits, guest lectures, workshops, seminars, industry projects, internships and more.

Manav Rachna is a place for students to find their bearings and blossom into successful professionals. The University has a proven track record of mentoring students and helping them attain the best.