Let’s Liberate Our Thoughts

Let’s Liberate Our Thoughts

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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Amarjeet Singh Oberoi Mr. Amarjeet Singh Oberoi

Founder MBA Rendezvous | RAIN

We are celebrating 74th Independence Day of ‘Mother India’ but as a citizen we have yet to liberate our thoughts from the dynasty of superiority vs. inferiority in all walks of life.

Bitter Impact is that we have not developed DNA of innovation and we continue to live in past and willy-nilly follow clerical aptitude embedded in us by Lord Macaulay’s educational policies.

Present India needs citizens to be skillful, innovative, competitive, tech-savvy, sports oriented and healthy with penchant feeling of taking India on top!

Let the regulators & government do their part but as a citizen we must pledge to contribute best to enable India to compete globally.

Let’s innovate and liberate our thoughts but remain disciplined towards fellow Indians without gender & caste bias.

Say proudly, I Love my IndiaIndependence Day

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