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NMAT Find full-length Real Practice Tests on the Actual NMAT Exam as well as downloadable PDF Practice Tests to help you prepare for the NMAT by GMAC format.

NMAT provides a national-level platform, opening doors to esteemed business schools across the country. It's like a gateway to top-tier institutions that can propel your career to new heights. One of the major perks that attract students to NMAT is its absence of negative marking. Unlike other exams, where fear of a wrong answer can hold students back, NMAT grants them the freedom to attempt all questions, regardless of their uncertainty, and get instant access to their dream B-school. To begin with, candidates need to hold a Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 50% marks. Moreover, candidates with a GMAT score above 600+ irrespective of Indian Nationality or NRI are welcome to join the NMAT journey. But preparation is certainly requisite and it must be based on the latest exam pattern, which we have discussed here in this article. You can take the help of MBA Rendezvous's mock tests, prepared by experts, and practiced and recommended by most other successfully qualified students.

How can I access mock tests for NMAT?

Accessing mock tests for NMAT is easier than you might think. Firstly, look no further than the official NMAT by GMAC™ website. They offer a range of mock tests specifically designed to simulate the real exam environment. These tests provide you with invaluable practice and help you familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions you'll encounter. Moreover, there are numerous online platforms and test prep websites that offer NMAT mock tests.

How many mocks are sufficient for an NMAT?

After you have learned all the concepts of NMAT, give one or two mock tests per day and keep continuing it. Spend some time analyzing your performance and try to improve it in the next mock for best results.

Whether you are taking two mock tests a day or more, if you are not assessing your performance and scoring more in the next mock test, you are not doing it right.

How to attempt an NMAT mock exam online?

When you are giving the NMAT mock exam online, make sure you use a computer and not give it on a mobile phone. Be ready with a stop watch to observe the total time. Apply the same strategy that you have prepared for your NMAT exam. This will help you figure out whether that strategy will work in the real-exam setting or not.

What are the available free mock tests for NMAT?

The NMAT mock test 2024 is the ultimate tool that covers the complete NMAT Syllabus in an extensive manner. It's designed based on the exam pattern and the current trend of NMAT questions. The online NMAT mock test offers more than just practice. And in case you are looking for a free mock test, these are some great sources. 

  1. Byjus Exam Prep Free Mock Test

  2. Hitbulls Eye Free Mock Test

  3. Oliveboard Free Mock Test

  4. Mock Test from Cracky

  5. Unacademy Mock Test Etc. 

What are the available NMAT adaptive mocks?

Since NMAT is an adaptive exam, it is important to take NMAT adaptive mocks to score well in the exam. The official practice exam by GMAC is the only source to get the NMAT adaptive mock, where you can get one mock for free and can purchase two more mocks if required. 

It is recommended to first practice the non-adaptive mocks before going for the adaptive ones since you can only get them at one source. 

Which mock test series is considered the best for NMAT?

The mock test by GMAC is considered to be the best as it is somewhat similar to the NMAT exam. It prepares you for the types of questions and testing levels of the NMAT exam. Apart from that, you can go for Oliveboard, TIME, IMS, Test Funda, or Cracku.

Where to download the NMAT mock test PDF?

You can download NMAT question papers in PDF format from various sources, including GMAC, iQuanta, Byjus, and others.

How can I access NMAT Mock tests from CRACKU?

NMAT Mock Test from CRACKU is a mixture of moderately difficult and difficult questions with higher chances to be asked in the NMAT exam. 

  1. The platform serves you a total of 5 national-level NMAT Mocks that you can purchase at Rs 499 only. 

  2. Pay to access all these 5 mocks. 

Click Here to visit the website. 

How do I access IMS NMAT mocks?

IMS NMAT mock test must be another staple choice owing to its high alikeness with the actual NMAT Paper. The mock test is a full-length test that offers you a video solution, and AI-Powered adaptative questions. 

  1. Aspiring learners can enroll now in the comprehensive Mock Test by IMS by purchasing any one of its three-test series offered at different prices, Rs 6, 450, Rs 8,950 and Rs 10,950. 

  2. Pay and get instant access to up to 2000 AI-powered practice questions, 30 section tests, and much more. 

Click here to visit the website. 

How do I access TIME NMAT mocks?

TIME NMAT mocks are slightly difficult, so if you are among those candidates who are looking for more tough questions for competitive preparation, you can access TIME NMAT mocks. TIME offers a complete test series for students aspiring to build a dream career through the dream B-school. The platform conducts sectional-wise tests and standard mock tests online. But for now, it isn’t accepting requests for mock tests. 

How do I access CRACKU NMAT mocks?

At a small fee of Rs 499, you can enroll in the NMAT Mock test series. The platform provides you direct access to this special service via a Phone number or email ID. 

How do I access Career Launcher NMAT mocks?

To gain instant access to NMAT Mocks by Career Launcher, use the following steps – 

  1. Go to Career Launcher Site

  2. Fill up the form and provide Your Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, and City

How do I access NMAT free mock tests from Catking?

  1. If you are a CATking student, you can have direct access to all free mock tests through your dashboard. 

  2. Non-Catking students can access only a single free mock after one-time registration. Details are sent to your official email ID. 

Click here to visit the site. 

How do I access Unacademy NMAT mock tests?

  1. To access the Unacademy NMAT mock test for free, visit the Unacademy site 

  2. On the landing page, click on the button stating “instructions” 

  3. Read it carefully and hit the “Take Test” Button. 

  4. Provide a mobile number and email address to receive the test schedule.

Click here to visit the site.  

How do I access Learn4Exam NMAT mocks?

Learn4Exam NMAT also provides 5 full-length NMAT test series that you can obtain from their official site. 

Click here to visit the site. 

How do I access NMAT free mock tests from Unacademy?

Unacademy – the online course platform is one of the exclusive sites offering mock tests for free. To access their free test, you simply log on to the Unacademy site and proceed with the registration. The tests are conducted on a pre-scheduled basis. 

How do I access Oliveboard NMAT mocks?

  1. You can attempt Oliveboard NMAT mock tests for free. 

  2. However, without log-in, you can access only a single attempt. But you can log in to access more. 

Click here to visit the site.  

How do I access Iquanta NMAT mock tests?

Iquanta offers NMAT mock tests at a reasonable price. The paid offer covers NMAT Mocks + 1 free NMAT mock at Rs 1999.

Click here to visit the site.

How can I access NMAT questions for practice?

To access NMAT questions for practice, you can explore, register at, or buy a Mock test from the NMAT Mock providers. But make sure they are credible and reviewed by people. 

What kind of questions are asked in NMAT?

In 2023, the NMAT consisted of 108 questions that were split into three different sections.

Language Skills: The exam had 36 questions covering language skills such as reading comprehension, sentence completion, and similar themes.

Quantitative Aptitude: The section of the exam also contained 36 questions. Mathematical concepts like arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and data sufficiency were the most important areas of study required by the candidates.

Logical Reasoning: This section evaluates a candidate's ability to think critically and solve problems and contains 36 questions. Questions can come from anywhere, so stay strong fundamentally.

The table below describes it in simple words.


NMAT Total Questions

Language Skills


Logical Reasoning


Quantitative Skills




However, compared to NMAT 2019, luckily the burden is less for applicants in the past few years. Still, you must be ready for anything tough to arrive in the syllabus. 

How should I prepare for NMAT Quantitative Aptitude questions?

The objective of the NMAT exam is to assess a candidate's numerical proficiency. The NMAT aspirant ought to learn how to solve numerous quantitative aptitude questions. They should know the following topics. 

  • Arithmetic: Time & work, simple & compound interest, ratio proportion, percentages, integers, HCF-LCM.

  • Algebra: Equations, Inequalities, Logarithm, Linear Equations, Quadratic equations, Absolute value

  • Geometry & menstruation: Lines, Angles, Triangles, Polygon, Circles, Square & Rectangles, 3 Dimension, etc. 

  • Modern Math: Permutation & Combination, Probability, Coordinate Geometry, Set Theory, Venn Diagrams 

  • Data Interpretation: Line Graph, Pie Graph, Bar Chart, Tabular Graph

How should I prepare for NMAT Language Skills questions?

This exam section evaluates the NMAT candidate’s vocabulary, grammar, verbal ability, and comprehension in the English language. Therefore, these are some of the topics covered in this section that you must cook up in your preparation: - 

  • Vocabulary: Synonyms, Antonyms, Analogies, Fill in the Blanks, Cloze Test, Idioms. 

  • Grammar: Identify the Error, Choose the Correct Preposition, Sentence correction, Tenses, Parts of Speech, and Phrasal Verbs.

  • Comprehension: RC Passages, Jumbled Sentences, Para Jumbles, Odd one Out, Paragraph Summary

How should I prepare for NMAT logical reasoning questions?

Through the Logical reasoning section, NMAT tries to check the applicant’s problem-solving, and decision-making skills. The logical Reasoning section in the exam constitutes questions from both verbal reasoning and logical reasoning. Thus, you will be required to know the topics covered in the syllabus and learn separately. 

  • Verbal Reasoning: Statement and Argument-Based Questions, Statement and Assumption-Based Questions, Statement and Inference-Based Questions, Decision Making, Course of Action, Critical Reasoning.

  • Logical Reasoning: Linear and Circular Arrangements, Classification and Syllogisms, Blood Relation Questions, Coding and Decoding, Series and Direction Questions, Matrix Type Questions, Blood Relation, and Input-Output Questions.

How should I prepare for NMAT-level questions?

Like always, the NMAT computer-based exam 2024 will be split into three sections: logical reasoning, quantitative skills, and language skills, with each section accounting for a different marks weightage. In total, the NMAT is expected to feature 108 questions, whereas exams for each section will be held in different timeframes.

Language Skills, Quantitative Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning are the three prime sections covered in NMAT Syllabus. Under these sections, candidates learn and prepare for a wide range of topics.

If we evaluate the last two years' history, quantitative aptitude, and data interpretation have remained the most dominant topics of NMAT so far. This year too, the sectional time limit for quantitative skills is set at 52 minutes, and 50 minutes for logical reasoning.

To answer the NMAT question paper on language skills, candidates will be given a sectional time limit of only 28 minutes.

How can I access NMAT questions and answers?

You can take the help of the NMAT Mock test to get an overview of the types of questions you will encounter in the examination hall. Some paid mock tests even provide you with free answers to the questions online. 

How can I access the previous year's papers for NMAT?

Most NMAT questions are either repeated from the previous year’s question paper or are re-formed and presented as a modified version of the previous year’s questions. English Language skills questions are often repeated, whereas logical reasoning questions come with little modification. But please note, the entire question paper isn’t a copy of the previous year. 

How can I download the NMAT 2023 question paper?

Being aware of the types of questions asked in the NMAT question paper enhances your familiarity with your upcoming exam pattern. You don’t feel like a fresher in the exam hall. So don’t waste time, download these NMAT 2023 question papers and save them on your device. 


Question Paper

Answer Key







Logical Reasoning



Is the NMAT exam easy or hard?

Usually, the NMAT is believed to be of moderate difficulty. Compared to the CAT, the NMAT exam is comparatively less challenging. 

For the best outputs, students must prepare well in advance. 

NMAT vs CAT- Which exam is tougher

CAT is tougher as compared to NMAT. The NMAT syllabus is a little vast in CAT and there is also negative marking. If you are well prepared for the CAT, you can easily go for the NMAT exam as the syllabus is quite similar. 

CAT requires the aspirants to have every topic’s vast knowledge and detailing.

Comparison of NMAT Preparation with other MBA exams

Exam name






Mode of the exam







2 hours

2 hours

3 hours

1 hour

3 hours 30 minutes

Format of the questions

Objective-type MCQs

48 MCQs, 18 non MCQs

Objective-type MCQs

Objective-type MCQs

Objective-type MCQs

Difficulty level

Moderate to difficult


Moderate to difficult

Easy to difficult

Moderate to difficult

Negative marking






Number of sections






Can I prepare for the NMAT in three months?

Yes, you can prepare for NMAT in three months if you follow a strategy for the same. Use your first month to strengthen the basics and identify your weak and strength areas in the meantime. Get hold of the best study materials and books for NMAT. You should only strive for a three-month preparation if you can cover the entire syllabus in the first month. 

Devote your second month to developing accuracy and speed for solving the questions. You can do this by taking mocks.

Dedicate your last month to revision by giving special focus to your weak points, which you have identified in the first month and during mock practice. Continue practicing sample questions till the test day.

How can I crack the NMAT exam?

If you want to crack NMAT 2024 on your first attempt, you can follow these few basic rules.

  1. Start by understanding the basics. Since the difficulty level of NMAT is between moderate and tough, you should be prepared for all the fundamental questions.

  2. Gather study material and solve the previous year’s NMAT 2023 question paper.

  3. Apart from the NMAT 2023 question paper, you can also consider the NMAT mock test.

Stay calm, and don’t forget to take the help of your friends and tutors; their company is the most important thing this time.

The NMAT exam comprises only objective-type questions. A candidate receives a +3 score for each correct answer and luckily there’s no negative marking. So make sure you have left not even a single question unanswered.  

NMAT exam is conducted for 324 marks whereas marks for each section comprise a different score range. As you can see-


Scaled Score Range

Quantitative Skills

0 – 144

Language Skills

0 – 96

Logical Reasoning Skills

0 – 120


0 – 360

The final percentile is calculated based on the sum of marks obtained from each section which forms your ultimate NMAT Scoring. Given below is a perfect depiction of NMAT exam scoring and the percentile

NMAT Score

NMAT Percentile







You must have a score 210 – 215 for 95 %ile if you are looking for admission to a prestigious B-school like NMIMS Mumbai. Admission to NMIMS Bangalore, and NMIMS Hyderabad, however, requires 90 %ile. But admission is also possible with 70 %ile scoring in B-schools of tier -2cities.

Which mock test series is considered the best for NMAT?

The NMAT by GMAC mock test is one of the finest mock test series out there, tailor-made to get you ready for the real deal. It mimics the test environment and presents you with the same level of difficulty and question types. It's like a sneak peek into what awaits you on the big day because the test is provided by the makers themselves. 

Alternatively, you can go with the series of Test Funda or Cracku instead. These mock test series are truly a cut above the rest. They are also cheap; the difficulty level is the same as the real exam. Mock Test by BYJU, Oliverboard, Unacademy, and Learn4Exam are also good options.  

Which are the best books for NMAT 2024?

When it comes to preparing for the upcoming NMAT 2024, there's one key resource that stands above the rest - NMAT Exam Books. These little gems provide candidates with staple concepts and strategies needed to conquer each chapter and tackle every question with confidence.

To ensure a smooth sail through your preparations, it's essential to stick with the top-rated NMAT Study Materials. By doing so, you'll breeze through the chapters, grasping the concepts with ease and leaving no room for confusion.

So, where do you find these magical NMAT Books? The wise advice is to choose books that have received glowing ratings from students, come highly recommended by experts, and have been updated to align with the latest exam schedule.

Best books for Quantitative Skills

Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal

Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT by Arun Sharma

How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT by Arun Sharma

Best books for Logical Reasoning

How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT; by Arun Sharma

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT; by Nishit K. Sinha

Best books for Language Skills

How to Prepare for VERBAL ABILITY & READING COMPREHENSION for CAT; by Arun Sharma

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT; by Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay

Stay informed, Stay ahead and Stay inspired with MBA Rendezvous.