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Whether you are self-studying or taking coaching classes, both options have their advantages when it comes to SAT Exam Preparation 2024. But the choice ultimately depends on what suits you the most. In most cases, both alternatives are less, so how to prepare?

Each year, millions of students undertake the SAT across thousands of test centers in over 170 countries. In 2022, 1.5 million students sat for the exam, followed by 1,913,742 high school graduates in 2023. It's common for students to take the test twice. However, if you're looking to conquer the SAT within a single year, this guide is here as your SAT Exam Preparation guide for 2024. 

SAT Preparation

Consider the following SAT preparation tips to understand the SAT thoroughly and achieve the desired ranking.

Start early

One of the first steps in your SAT journey is to register early. This not only secures your spot for the test but also provides some important advantages. First things first, starting your preparation early gives you the advantage of sufficient time to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Choose the most suitable test format and plan a study schedule accordingly.

The SAT is offered seven times a year, in March, May, June, August, October, November, and December. By registering early, you get the flexibility to choose a test date that suits you best. This way, you can plan your preparation around that specific date.

Make a study plan

When preparing for the SAT, having a well-organized study plan is key to managing your time effectively and ensuring you cover all the necessary skills and topics. One of the primary benefits of a study plan is stress reduction. With a structured schedule, you'll feel less worried and more confident throughout the SAT preparation process. 

You can also reap more benefits by incorporating practice exams into your study schedule, as you'll become familiar with how the 154 multiple-choice questions are structured in the test. This familiarity can contribute significantly to your comfort level on exam day, allowing you to navigate through the questions with ease.

Prepare with Official SAT Practice 

Preparing for the SAT can seem like a big task, but with the right tools, you can boost your confidence. One such tool is the Official SAT Practice - a valuable resource that you can access through the Bluebook after downloading it. To get started, sign in using your College Board username and password.

Start by taking a diagnostic test. This will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus on areas that need improvement. When practicing, try taking tests on paper as well to mirror the actual SAT experience, and get used to the format and structure of the test. However, starting in 2024, the SAT might be taken digitally. 

After completing a practice test, sign in to My Practice to review the questions, your answers, and their explanations. Understanding the reasoning behind each answer will enhance your learning and better prepare you for the actual SAT.

Section-Wise SAT Preparation Tips 2024

The 2024 SAT test is a bit different than before. It now has "Multistage Adaptive Testing," which means it adapts to your answers and difficulty level is also reduced by 20%. The test itself takes 2 hours and 14 minutes. For Math, you can use a calculator as well. The exam is three hours long, and the score range is 400–1600 points

Talking about the sections, the SAT test has three parts: Reading and Writing, Math, and Essay. You can choose not to do the Essay part, but some colleges might want to see your Essay scores when looking at your application.

SAT Preparation Tips for Evidence-based Reading and Writing

If you're getting ready for the SAT 2024, here are some simple tips to do your best in the Reading and Writing section. This part of the test has two parts: one focused on Reading and one focused on Writing & Language. Therefore, you are advised to strategize earlier. Now let’s talk about tips for doing well in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) Section:

  • Make a study schedule that you can stick to. 

  • Get familiar with SAT vocabulary. Almost 20% of your EBRW score comes from this section

  • For questions testing command of evidence, work on improving how passages explain information and ideas. 

  • Read the passage carefully. Don't get stuck on tiny details. 

  • Set aside 50 minutes for the SAT essay. After finishing, check your essay carefully.

SAT Preparation Tips for Writing and Language

The SAT Writing and Language section can seem challenging, but with the right approach, you can tackle it successfully. Here are some simple tips to help you prepare:

  • The Writing and Language section has 44 multiple-choice questions based on four passages. You get 35 minutes to answer these questions. So strategize accordingly. 

  • Practice working under time constraints to understand the pace you need to maintain during the test.

  • Instead of choosing what sounds right, eliminate wrong answer choices first to answer MCQs.

  • Review your tests and understand why mistakes occurred.

  • Remember, the essay section is optional, and you get fifty extra minutes for it. Some believe attempting the essay makes solving SAT papers easier.

SAT Preparation Tips for Maths

The SAT Math section is a crucial part of the exam that evaluates essential math skills necessary for success in college and future careers. The section consists of two modules, featuring both multiple-choice and student-produced response questions. Here’s a breakdown of tips to consider for this section. 

  1. The questions are categorized into four main types: Algebra, Advanced Math, Problem-Solving, and Data Analysis. First, strengthen your skills in these four. 

  2. Take as many practice tests as possible and practice under timed conditions to enhance your speed and efficiency.

  3. Memorize essential formulas and math facts and analyze previous SAT math papers to ensure you're familiar with all necessary information.

  4. Review the official College Board SAT website or study guides and understand the types of questions, concepts, and skills that will be tested.

  5. Practice and review to become acquainted with various SAT Math question types and identify high-level weaknesses by analyzing your mistakes.

SAT Preparation Books

Preparation books are certainly the best material for candidates aspiring to prepare for the SAT by themselves. You can use as many books and resources as possible for SAT preparation. These books help you get ready for the SAT exam all by yourself. Besides books, there are also online materials to study for the SAT. Many online sites and coaching institutes are also helpful for getting ready for the SAT too.

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