Human Library during COVID-19 Lockdown

Human Library during  COVID-19 Lockdown

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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The Impact of COVID19 can be felt around the World especially across the Education Sector. Worldwide closure of Educational Institutions have impacted over 95% of the Worlds Students population with 1.5 billion learner’s unable to attend College and Schools. Indian Education System is the World’s largest with 1000+ Universities, 41000 Colleges , 3,10,000 Schools with closely 320 million Students population.

Human Library during COIVD-19

Today due to COVID19 situation all our students are sitting at home and no hope of reopening of campuses before September 2020 and most of these students from long days unable to move out include not able to meet their friends and play . Most of the students are addicted to mobile phones and wasting their time using social media and couple of them are depressed about their career opportunities.

COVID-19 Lockdown Library

We at Vision Digital India taken small initiative to engage and motivate by encouraging reading habits of the youth in Bangalore JP Nagar and nearby areas to lend them great collection of expensive most popular titles of 2000 + to “Read and Give Back “ system at Free of Cost . This initiative got a great response.

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