Published : Wednesday, 05 July, 2017 06:00 PM

IIM Rohtak oragnised 'Entrepreneurship Panel - Defining the Scope and Future'

High opportunity costs may impede entrepreneurial aspirations

 “Jobs aren’t created by themselves; the job you’ll be taking up one day would have been created by another entrepreneur”, with this, Mr. Ram Subramaniam, founder of My Money Karma and Shiva Systems, kicked off the day’s discussion on entrepreneurship at the panel discussion at IIM Rohtak.

IIM Rohtak

The entrepreneurial dream isn’t an easy one; to leave a cushy, regular job behind to pursue uncertainty isn’t for the average Joe. “One doesn’t become an entrepreneur for the money or ego, one has to have a strong reason to fuel this dream”, he continued. Most entrepreneurial aspirations are impeded by high opportunity costs.

IIM Rohtak

Mr. Rajendra Shende, environmentalist and former Director, UNEP, laid stress on drawing inspiration from nature to constantly reinvent and cause positive disruptions in our life and work. “Every entrepreneur should have sustainable growth goals with a conscious mindfulness towards nature and social concerns”, observed Mr. Shende.

IIM Rohtak

Siddhartha Chandurkar, founder, ShepHertz, urged, “Funding shouldn’t be the prime concern of an entrepreneur; sustainability should be.” He went on to note that, “People have widely attributed the success of their entrepreneurial ventures to luck. But in reality, luck favours those who take risks.”

IIM Rohtak

“While we as Indians are probably prone to attributing our successes and failures to external factors, we must strike a balance between the external and internal loci of control”, counselled Prof. Dr. Dheeraj Sharma, Director, IIM Rohtak in  the discussion, themed, “Entrepreneurship: Defining the Scope and Future”. He congratulated the Bizdome Incubation Council for successfully incubating three ventures under their tutelage.

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