Indian Institute of Management Kashipur hosted India’s most decorated cue player, Mr. Pankaj Advani, as a guest speaker for the leadership talk series ‘Tejas’. The topic of the discussion was “Leadership motivation and inspiration from the journey of a Sportsman".

Mr. Advani shared his journey with the students where he stressed the role of discipline and belief to achieve greater heights in life. He advised the students to keep an open mind and learn as much as they can to prepare rigorously but always remember that nothing in life is certain. If we focus on issues, the problem will only get worse; if we focus on solutions, the solution will always come. He emphasized the necessity of introspection after a loss and the greater part it plays when we embrace our failures as much as our success because expecting victory out of everything is a dangerous way to deal with things; instead, we should go in with no expectations and put in our best efforts. Mr. Advani advised the attendees to strive for greater things in life while maintaining a disciplined mindset.


In response to failures and setbacks, he stated that success and failure are two sides of the same coin and that we will not always succeed or fail in life. He emphasized that while success propels us one step forward, loss propels us ten steps forward. He also counseled students to pursue contentment in their chosen field. When discussing happiness and fulfillment, he stated that as long as we are content with what we have, progress is the only way forward.

The students learned about the importance of perpetuation in a voyage to the top of the world during the session. Mr. Advani talked about his struggles, his greatest accomplishments, how a little visualization helps him during games, and how he feels believing is achieving. He mentioned the guidance he received from his brother who is a sports psychologist and how it helped him control his nerves at crunch moments of the game. He thoroughly appreciated the inquisitive nature of students of IIM Kashipur who posed many questions before him during the session. 

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