A Leadership Marathon was organized, by distinguished Professor Dr. Asha Bhandarker on November 4, 2017, at International Management Institute (IMI), New Delhi. The event brought together industry stalwarts like Mr. A D Burman, Head Learning and Development Maruti Suzuki, Himanshu Misra, Head Campus Relations and Academic Interface, Axis Bank, Mr. S K Bose, Head Learning and Development at Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) and Dr. Debashis Chatterjee, Director General IMI.

IMI Event

The perception regarding the role of an HR, recruitment factors, attributes, and skill-sets was dealt by the industry experts. The idea was to impart knowledge from their real experiences, debunk some myths to enlighten students and prepare them for their future positions.

The session kick-started with Dr. Debashis Chatterjee, Director General IMI, addressing the challenges regarding HR profile, the significance of people in the industry. He laid down three questions to be answered by the industry professionals.

  • What does a typical day in the HR profile look like?
  • How do Industries recruit?
  • What does the future of HR look like?

Dr. Chatterjee

Mr. Burman, with an experience of 29 years, started with the genesis of an organisation. Three essential factors are - Corporate vision, Resource Capital, and People. The visionary must know the kind of organisation he wants to establish and the kind of personalities an organisation must have. He added that an average person with the high application can be much more successful than a person with high IQ and less application. He strongly emphasized on result-orientated approach and maximum exposure in the beginning of the career. The other factor is the ability to manage people, colleagues, and team members. One must learn to manage relationships, focus on other’s viewpoints. Last but not the least, confidence within oneself to establish a successful career.

Mr. Himanshu Misra, Head Campus Relations and Academic Interface, Axis Bank, talked about the core responsibilities of HR like - resolving internal conflicts, solving sensitive issues, managing people. The young managers need to be resilient to the challenges and keep abreast with changing technologies. He emphasized more on Design Thinking, Data Analytics and Psychometric tests for recruiting people. With changing times, the world is inclined more towards digitization so there is a need to upgrade skills and think about future.

Lastly, Mr. S K Bose, Head Learning and Development at Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), articulated the significance of innovation, culture, and integrity in an organisation. These factors are the key to surviving and maintaining their position in the competitive business world. The function of an HR according to him, is to demonstrate the core values of the company all the time. The future HR managers should focus on knowing the soul of their company, the verticals, business strategies and must know the competition to succeed. The young managers must be accustomed to the culture of an organisation. He mentioned an ideal HR Professional should listen more, observe people and enhance their leadership qualities to improve their performance. Businesses should focus more on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), break the Silo and must interact among different functional domains.

At the end of the session, there was a Q & A round where Mr. Anshul Kapoor from MBA Rendezvous asked, how motivation factor differs from Armed Forces and Corporate World. The speakers regarded it as a valuable question and answered - In armed forces, the motivation comes from within and the purpose to serve the country. Whereas in the corporate world the driving force comes from the organisation, management and from within. 

HR Event


Due to the dynamic nature of the corporate world, there are a lot of uncertainties regarding HR roles but one must evolve with time and continue to upgrade skills to meet the future challenges. Hence, there will always be a bright future for HR professionals.

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