Experts from MICA Ahmedabad will train over 100 officials from the  Government of Odisha in Skill Development and Social and Behaviour Change Communication  (SBCC). 

The institute's Centre for Development Management and Communication (CDMC) has recently  entered into a multifold partnership with the Directorate of State Institute of Health & Family  Welfare and Directorate of National Health Mission, Government of Odisha by way of a  Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).  

Delving more, Prof. Manisha Pathak Shelat and Prof. Ruchi Tewari, Co-Chairs of CDMC said,  “Capacity Building for Social Impact is one of the core strengths of CDMC. While we have been  working with the corporate and non-profit sectors, we have established a unique connection with  various state governments as a Centre that understands their key challenges and helps them deliver  their mission in the most effective way. The Centre has been constantly in pursuit of achieving its  goal of offering benchmarked services to the alternate sectors to achieve real development. 

We are proud to share that we have fostered partnerships with state governments like Gujarat, West  Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Punjab, Kerala in the past and now a deep association with the  Government of Odisha only reinforces our faith in our mission. This association between CDMC  and Govt of Odisha involves training programs on various facets of communication of over 100  officials”, they added. 

As per the agreement, the institute hosted its first workshop in skill development training for 10  officials that included graphic designers, artists, photographers and communication program  managers from January 29 to February 2, 2024. 

Dr. Biswajit Modak, Senior consultant, Training, NHM-Odisha said, “The Professional  Development Programme (PDP) with CDMC-MICA is a need-based capacity building for  enhancement of skills on Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) of counselors  working under NHM, Odisha. PDP will promote positive social and health behavior changes at the  community level. We are delighted to depute our counselors to MICA for quality improvement in  counseling skills.” 

Sharing her experience, Ms. Pujafula Pattanayak, State Consultant IEC/BCC, said, “I was part of  the first workshop held recently on the campus. The way all the resource persons effortlessly  conveyed complex concepts and techniques while keeping everyone involved and motivated was  commendable. The team's dedication, expertise, and passion for helping others grow were truly  inspiring and significantly impacted me and my colleagues.” 

For Ms. Jasmeen Kaur, Executive, CDMC-MICA, this partnership was a great learning. “As the  course executive, I feel fortunate to actively engage in every stage of the training program's  development, from its inception to execution. This endeavour has been a rich source of lessons in  patience, perseverance, and navigating governmental procedures. Interacting with a diverse range of  healthcare professionals has offered invaluable insights into the realities of the sector”, she said. 

The first batch of the SBCC workshop had 50 integrated counsellors undergo 4-day training on  campus. The second batch will be held in the third week of February. These counsellors provide  counselling to health beneficiaries under the RMNCH+A, NCD, Disease Control Programme  (DCP), and others. 

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