Published: Wednesday, 28 June, 2017 10:00 AM


MICA hosts its first Startup Showcase event of the year

A Startup Showcase event was organized by MICA Incubator to promote entrepreneurial energies of budding entrepreneurs, which included presentations on early stage business by students and youth community of the prevailing startup ecosystem. Startups like MoiPot, Algaari, Flashtr, Hostec, LegalWiz, Lernr, Tupic, Enerlyf, InnerSense, Stardust Tech, Dweek Studios, CricHeroes, Indolytics, Smart Mask, Ora Machineries and Pi Nutrition, presented their startups.


The showcased startups included businesses from various domains ranging from an online platform for famous Indian snacks to an exclusive photo sharing app competing with the best prevalent in the market. A diverse mix of 15 startups presented before the Chief Guests of the event, Dr. Shailendra Raj Mehta (President& Director, MICA) and Dr. Preeti Shroff (Dean, MICA).

The event also recognized the successful startups through Rising Sun Awards. The startups awarded were DSYH, City Shor, Oizom, Shashwat Cleantech and Ecosmob, for outstanding success in their ventures.


Dr. Mehta after watching the presentations said, “The ability to tell your story in 3-4 minutes through just one well-crafted slide is a skill that would stay with you forever.” Further, Dr. Shroff emphasized, “The innovators are the real life educators that every institution should have to teach the students how ideas could be converted into reality.” The presentations were followed by Q&A sessions with the audience and distinguished guests, who helped the startups, become more aware of the challenges their venture might face in future and see an altogether different perspective.

Concluding the event, Prof. U.T Rao (Chairperson, MICA Incubator) quoted “Startups play a very active role in growing economies and every innovator should carry their passion very seriously to build a landmark that people can idealize.”



MICA’s incubation centre is the first-of-its-kind, devoted solely to initiatives related to communications technology and services. It aims to encourage entrepreneurship in the communication sector. MICA Incubator is committed to the objective of supporting budding entrepreneurs in the entire process of their business formation i.e. right from the stage of conception to the stage of commercialization. MICA Incubator today is a recognized incubator under the startup India scheme as well as a nodal agency for startup assistance scheme for Govt. of Gujarat. 

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