Professor Varsha Jain, Professor, Integrated Marketing Communications and the Chair, FPM (Doctoral Level Program) at MICA along with Meetu Chawla, B.E. Ganesh, Christopher Pich has written a Research paper titled ‘Exploring and consolidating the brand personality elements of the political leader’. This study aims to examine brand personality and its application to political branding. This study focuses on the brand personality of a political leader from the BJP Party brand (Bharatiya Janta Party). The study aims to depict that development of a strong political brand personality is crucial for success at the polls.

The study has an actionable framework for political brand personality in the post-election context. It offers negative qualities to be avoided in the development of the political brand personality of the leader. It offers insights about the political brand personality of the leader in terms of young digitally savvy voters.

The purpose of this paper is to develop a comprehensive framework integral to the development of political brand personality. This development will be of greater significance as it is positioned in the context of post elections. This development has not been studied in earlier studies, thus, the significant contribution of this study was the development of a new framework of brand personality. Therefore, this study provides a guide for the post-election scenario that can be applied to the case of young digitally savvy voters while balancing the positive and negative elements of brand personality.

Professor Varsha Jain has authored more than 100 publications in international, national and trade journals, book chapters and case study collections, including the ‘Journal of Product and Brand Management’, the ‘Journal of Marketing Communication’, ‘Healthy Marketing Quarterly’, the ‘International Journal of Mobile Marketing’, the ‘Journal of Consumer Marketing’, ‘Young Consumers’ and many more. She has also contributed case studies to the Marketing Management text book 15/e with renowned father of Marketing, Philip Kotler.

When asked the critical factor to scholar’s success, Professor Jain said “Only passion, dedication and sincerity will make you a humble knowledgeable scholar and an all-time learner”.


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