The SVKM’s NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering (MPSTME) is proud to announce its recent success in two prestigious international competitions. MPSTME students won two Harvard Diplomacy Awards and four Social Venture Challenge (SVC) awards at the Harvard WorldMUN 2023 conference in Paris, France, and secured the runner-up position in the SAS Curiosity Cup, a global data analytics competition.

The Harvard WorldMUN conference, known as the "Olympics of MUNs," attracted over 1,500 participants worldwide, and the MPSTME delegation was the only one from India to win awards. Jash Damani and Anuradha Bansal received the Harvard Diplomacy Award, while four SVC awards were won by ReFlex, Project Techtile, Stride, and ASAP India. These projects showcased MPSTME's commitment to innovation and social responsibility, addressing issues such as sustainability, digital inclusivity, healthcare resources, and the environment.

In the SAS Curiosity Cup, Team Marcos, consisting of four M Tech Data Science students from MPSTME, secured the runner-up position for their research project, "Country-wise Analysis of Socio-economic Indicators and its Impact on Olympic Games' Performance." They demonstrated their expertise in data collection, cleaning, normalisation, and analysis using SAS software and highlighted the correlation between a country's HDI and Olympic medal performance. Their findings can guide policymakers in developing evidence-based strategies to improve their countries' sports performance.

Dr. Alka Mahajan, Dean of MPSTME, expressed her pride and satisfaction with the students' achievements. She stated, "MPSTME has always been at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that our students have a holistic exposure and are nurtured as socially sensitive individuals. These achievements in two different competitions showcase our students' diverse talents, skills, and knowledge, and their dedication to excellence. We congratulate them and their mentors and look forward to seeing their future accomplishments."


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