Indian Institute of Management Amritsar successfully began an orientation programme for its incoming 5th batch after the registration process on July 09, 2019.  The Orientation Program for PGP05 is planned to span over four days from July 10, 2019 to July 13, 2019. During this programme, Introduction to the system and procedures of IIM Amritsar are communicated and important workshops are held to familiarise the incoming batch with the committee, clubs, policies and pedagogy at IIM Amritsar. The orientation began with the introduction to PGP system by Prof. Umesh Kumar, PGP Chairperson, IIM Amritsar on Wednesday, 10 July, wherein the students were familiarised with the expectations and essence of MBA. Workshop on “Enhancing Potential and Personal Impact” was held after Prof. Umesh Kumar’s introduction. The Students’ Council and Placements Committee inducted the students of PGP05 at the end of the day.

Orientation Programme for PGP 2019-21 Batch

Prof. Mahima Gupta, Chairperson, Students Affairs, IIM Amritsar facilitated the introduction to students’ affairs on Thursday, 11 July 2019 by discussing in detail the roles and responsibilities of the committees and clubs of IIM Amritsar and related student activities. This was followed by a workshop on “Enhancing Potential and Personal Impact”. Media & Public Relations Cell, Sports Committee, Cultural Committee and Alumni Committee of IIM Amritsar concluded the day with their induction processes.

Prof. Arun Kaushik, Chairperson, Placements, IIM Amritsar interacted with the students and discussed extensively regarding procedures related to placements on Friday. The workshop on “Enhancing Potential and Personal Impact” concluded on Friday. Hostel and Mess Committee and Industry Interaction Cell of IIM Amritsar formally concluded the induction process. Prof. Mukesh Kumar, Chairperson, Public Relations & Alumni Committee shall take up “Case Teaching” on Saturday. Prof. Surender Rao Komera shall introduce the students to Basic Finance. Prof. Arun Kaushik shall formally conclude the Orientation Program for PGP05 with his session on Experiential Learning at IIM Amritsar. During 2018-19, IIM Amritsar conducted several studies on improving efficacy an efficiency of managerial activities at Amritsar Railway Station, Golden Temple, Amritsar BRTS project, etc.

Several team building activities were also conducted during the orientation programme to instil familiarity and professional connect between the students.  “Hoola Hoop” and “Acid Lake” are the activities that helped the students interact with each other and shed nervousness and inhibitions.

Orientation Programme for PGP 2019-21 Batch

The students of the incoming batch were asked to express their first impression about the Institute and the city of Amritsar. Anshul Jain, first year student (PGP05), with two years of corporate experience was very appreciative of the Professors. Anshul said that the Professors are very informative and interactive. Asmita Vashistha, another first year student, expressed her love towards the Holy City, and acknowledged the kindness and humility of people of Amritsar. Asmita talked about introspection and her future plans. Nirav, a first-year student, found all activities new and interesting. Being a fresher, Nirav liked the new topics and method of teaching. Sukankshi Jain, expressed her previous apprehensions about pursuing MBA after having graduated as Information Technology Engineer. Sukankshi said that the Orientation Program and interaction with committees of IIM Amritsar resolved all her reservations and her experience has been enriching so far.

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