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BIMTECH Pedagogy – Collaborating Classroom and Experiential Components

The Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) assures the highest standards of teaching and unique classroom experience, based on collaboration and experiential learning to its students. At BIMTECH, the emphasis is on ‘Excellence with Values’ and this reflects in everything that takes place in the campus.

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Learning at BIMTECH

Learning at BIMTECH

BIMTECH provides a stimulating platform to students that transforms students- academically, socially and personally. The campus is well equipped to take care of the students’ needs. There is a healthy mix of academic, sports, club activities and community engagement, which allows the students to develop holistically.

Pedagogy at BIMTECH

Pedagogy at BIMTECH

At BIMTECH, the emphasis is to provide everything that a student needs to become a thorough professional in the business world. While academics forms the foundation, the curriculum allows plenty of space to students to mould their personalities, to enrich their minds, and become industry-ready. BIMTECH regularly invites experts and professionals from the industry to mentor its students and make their education more relevant. Such interactions with experienced people benefit the students. The pedagogy adopted at BIMTECH values the needs of the students:

A combination of classroom teaching and case based method is used with emphasis on self-learning and practice.

A well-planned course plan directs the teaching process.

Students are expected to work on and participate in case studies, assignments, presentations, quizzes and group discussions.

Teaching techniques such as simulation, role play and management games are used for effective teaching

Students are assessed through continuous internal assessment and an end- term examination.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning

At BIMTECH, collaborative learning is valued. This begins with the formation of study groups for the duration of the stay of the students in the campus. The students are at liberty form such groups. This formation depends on factors such as cultural and academic backgrounds, social life and work experience. The students come together to share ideas, viewpoints, cultural and personal experiences. The whole experience enriches their life and adds to their personal development.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

BIMTECH has made experiential learning an integral part of the curriculum of its post-graduate programmes. The students are provided with various opportunities to learn by observing and experiencing things. The focus is to provide experiential learning where the students learn by doing things themselves. This is done through short term projects, group assignments, and the three months long summer internship. The students also participate in the student exchange programme to Australia, Europe etc. The programme enriches them culturally, academically and exposes them to research. The exchange helps them make decisions about their careers and acquire a global perspective.

BIMTECH provides a holistic curriculum, which looks after all the developmental needs of the students and provides them all the tools necessary to blossom into fine business professionals.

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