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BIMTECH : Management Technology  Education in India

Shaping the Future

Evolution of Management Education in India

Leading to the establishment of numerous public and private institutions in India offering MBA Programs.

India witnessed significant growth in management education since the 1990.

Growth and Demand in the Management Sector

Over 92000+ secured placements in various Industries

The academic year 2020-21 saw over 240,000 students enrolling in management programs.

Currently, three thousand institutions are providing management education in India.

BIMTECH: A Major Contributor in Shaping the Management Education

BIMTECH offers innovative PGDM courses emphasizing practical insights, and industry-relevant specializations.

With an alumni network of over 7,500, including 300+ CXOs and 365+ entrepreneurs, BIMTECH is showcasing its impact on the Industry.


Retail Management

Insurance Business Management

International Business

Post Graduate Diploma in Management





BIMTECH's Contributions Beyond Classroom:

The collab encourages students in research projects, analytical skills and innovative problem-solving.

BIMTECH's International collaborations are well-renowned, engaging students with global business practices. 

Shaping the Future with BIMTECH

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