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Published :  Rajiv Khurana | July 26, 2016 | 3:11 PM IST

Career in HR

Imagine any big or small office. Imagine big or small manufacturing plants. Imagine any place of governance. Imagine all infrastructure that exists. and now imagine there are no people. Just assets lying all around and decaying. I am not talking about any Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. I am helping you imagine everything in business minus people. Do you see anything working in your imagination? Of course not.  Take away the people and everything comes to a standstill. 

“You Can Have The Best #Strategy And The Best Building In The World, But If You Don’t Have The Hearts And Minds Of The People Who Work With You, None Of It Comes To Life.”
-Renee West, Luxor And Excalibur Hotel

What does it take to make a great career in Human Resources? Your teachers and seniors can give you a long list. To become a good professional, I would love to share my 5 pointers through a freshly brewed Mnemonic HUMAN.

H – Humility and Empathy

This is not part of the business school syllabus. We learn at home and hone it in school. Mother is the best teacher. When you deal with people and show your lousy attitude, what do you get in return? A little more of the same! Now try humility and people will raise your standards many notches above. Empathy is the way of stepping into the shoes of the other person, thinking and feeling like the other person. Mom’s lesson again. It’s brilliant.

U – Understanding Business

HR is not about getting forms filled. It is about business of the organisation facilitated. And how can we facilitate the business without understanding it? Open your mental vistas and learn as much as possible about the business environment, challenges and opportunities. You will have a better grip on your work and its impact.

M – Mastering Processes

Well defined processes make life easier and work streamlined. Learning the nuances from the process manual and working accordingly is priceless. A command over the IT tools help you to remain a front runner. The more you do, the sharper you become.

A – Advancing and Expanding Horizons

Would you like to buy a few months old cell phone at a price higher price than the market? You would seek discounts! The same is true with our Talent. If you are not on an upward learning curve consistently in your life, you will decline rapidly.

N – Newness to Serve People

The danger of repetitiveness is staleness. You may stink too. Keep rejuvenating and find newer ways to serve people. Ask them regularly. Start what is not happening. Sustain what is good. Stop what is not giving the desired results. 

All these points are critical for young professionals desirous of making careers in other domains too. For HR, this is the lifeline.

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