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CAT 2022 Data interpretation pie chart [Questions & Answers]

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CAT-2022 Data interpretation pie chart

CAT 2022 will be conducting in November 2022.

Data Interpretation (D I) will be a test for your analytical skills, practice with following Questions and answers with solutions on Pie Charts:

Directions to solve

The pie chart shows the distribution of New York market share by value of different computer companies in 2005

Data Interpretation - Pie Charts

The pie chart shows the distribution of New York market share by volume of different computer companies in 2005.

Number of units sold in 2005 in New York = 1,500

Value of units sold in 2005 in New York = US $1,650,000.

Data Interpretation - Pie Charts

Question 1)

For the year 2005, which company has realised the lowest average units sales price for PC?

A. Commodore 


C. Tandy

D. Cannot be determined

Answer : Option D

Solution : 

Although it seems to be commodore, the answer cannot be determined due to the fact that we are unaware of the break-up of the sales value and volume of companies compromising the other categories.

Question 2)

Over the period 2005-2006, if sales (Value-wise) of IBM PC's increased by 50% and of Apple by 15% assuming that PC sales of all other computer companies remained the same, by what percentage (approximately) would the PC sales in New York (Value-wise) increase over the same period?

A. 16.1%

B. 18%

C. 14.0%

D. None of these

Answer : Option A

Solution :

If we assume the total sales to be 100 in the first year, IBM's sales would go up by 50% (from 28 to 42) Contributing an increase of 14 to the total sales value.

Similarly, Apple's increase of 15% would contribute an increase of 2.1 to the total sales value. The net change would be 14+2.1 on 100. (i.e., 16.1%)

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Question 3)

In 2005, the average unit sale price of an IBM PC was approximately (in US$)

A. 3180

B. 2800

C. 393

D. 3080

Answer : Option D

Solution :

IBM accounts for 28% of the share by value and 10% of the share by volume.

28% of 1650000 = 28x1650000/100 = 462000

10% of 1500 = 10 x 1500/100 = 150

Therefore, average unit sale price = 462000/150 = 3080.

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