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How aptitude can be built?

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How aptitude can be built?

Aptitude is the natural ability to do something. Some people are born with natural talent to do some things and excel in those aspects as they have an aptitude, a certain flair for them. But, it is not something that cannot be developed and inculcated. Not all great musicians, for instance, have the aptitude to take them to dizzying heights they reach in their careers. This happens because they keep working hard in honing their skills and remain open to positive influences.

Don’t Fear

The first step of building up your aptitude in a particular subject, in which you are weak, is to remove the fear of that subject from your mind. For instance, a lot of us fear Mathematics right from school and carry that fear with us. What we really need to do is to change our mindset and look at Maths as just another subject with its concepts, which we need to understand and approach it in a positive way. Fear or negativity stops us from embracing the subject completely and developing interest in it, hence, we are not able to build an aptitude for it.


One of the best ways to nurture an aptitude for something is to keep practicing until you reach a level where that particular thing becomes a part of your system and you develop a flair and confidence in that thing. This is necessary for all aspirants hoping to crack the CAT exam to enter the best institutes of the country. It is a fact that not all aspirants will be experts in all the subject domains that CAT tests. A lot of them would have certain strong areas and weaknesses, which can surely be overcome through regular practice and hard work.

Increase your Concentration

It is possible to develop an aptitude for a subject if you put your concentration in that particular subject. Increased concentration will improve your ability to retain concepts related to that particular subject and also help you tide over the difficult aspects of that subject, which, perhaps, make it hard to understand and even boring for you.

Conceptual Understanding

To reach a level of expertise in a particular subject or field, such that it comes naturally to you and you develop a knack for it, understanding the fundamental concepts related to that subject or field is absolutely essential. Getting a grip on the concepts gives you a better chance of internalising the nitty gritty of the subject and retain it forever, thus, helping you in the exam.

The CAT exam tests a range of diverse skills, such as logical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, verbal ability and so on. An aspirant is required to build an aptitude and develop skills to tackle them as they solve hundreds of questions to master them. In building this aptitude, there are no shortcuts and the aspirant should be prepared to slog hard.

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