5 Best Ways To Improve On Logical Reasoning

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Improve on Logical Reasoning | LR section | Time management in exam

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Logical Reasoning is a separate section in all MBA entrance exams and you require a special aptitude to clear this section. Logical Reasoning depends on how well one is able to rationalize and reason out the given proposition to justify the conclusion. It does not depend on common sense and in many cases defies common sense.

For instance, a proposition such as

                All cats are dogs
                No dogs are animals
            ∴No cats are animals

might not make sense in the common understanding of how things are but is a valid statement in logical reasoning, arising out of the process of deduction.

Let us take you through some important aspects related to How to improve logical reasoning skills.

1. Learn the terminology

Like any other domain, logical reasoning too has its own set of terms that one needs to be acquainted with before attempting the section. Terms such as Premise, Assumption, Conclusion, Argument, Observation, Inference, various types of statements and so on. Familiarising yourself with all this is necessary before you think of mastering this section. 

2. An eye for patterns

Aspirants can expect facing patterns that they don’t normally see in their daily lives. Such patterns test their logical reasoning skills and, also, how they anticipate and complete these patterns. Aspirants need to train themselves to carefully examine these patterns and through a reasoned guess, find the answer. For instance, questions such as,
Please enter the missing figure: 4, 5, 8, 17, 44,

A. 80
B. 125
C. 112
D. 60
E. 84

The correct answer is B because the difference between the numbers follows the series 1,3,9,27,81. Aspirants need to familiarise themselves with such questions and be able to think about the answer as quickly as possible.

3. Practice

There is no substitute for practice when it comes to logical reasoning. Given the dynamic nature of questions that form a part of it, it is difficult to find a set structure to solving such questions. Though, some pattern of solving these questions can be worked out, the level of difficulty may vary from question to question, the trick to be applied to each question may vary. For this, the aspirant has to solve a wide range of questions to feel reasonably confident about this section.

4. Time management

Logical Reasoning is a section that can exhaust the time of the aspirant very quickly as it requires application of mind. So, speed is crucial. The aspirant should be able to finish a question in this section without wasting much time. For this, the preparation of the aspirant needs to be excellent and while preparing, the aspirant ought to keep a check on the speed at which he/ she is solving questions and adjust accordingly.

5. Train your mind

Logical Reasoning is a mental process and needs the mind to be at its sharpest best. For this, the aspirants need to work on their mental skills before the exam and make it a habit. Activities such as solving Sudoku, crosswords, playing chess, eating well, sleeping well and exercise are some of the activities which help in sharpening the mind. A sharp mind will decode the patterns and structures of the questions more accurately and speedily.

Logical Reasoning is not difficult to do if you get used to solving these questions. A methodical approach towards such questions will enable you to handle them effectively.

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