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5 Steps which make you better in Quantitative Aptitude

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Quantitative Aptitude in CAT Exam

Mathematics is not a subject preferred by everyone. It is one subject people love to hate, for it requires a strong application of mind. In addition to the subject being difficult, the burden of time makes it more challenging. A total of 34 questions needs to be attempted within the set time, therefore, you have to be quick and accurate in this section. The following steps can make you better in Quant.

1. Befriend numbers

It is a given that you will be bombarded with a lot of complex numbers in this section. From calculating percentages to interpreting data, from calculating measurements to finding averages, you will have to deal with numbers in this section. Sometimes, this can be unnerving for aspirants, especially the ones not very comfortable with numbers. Therefore, the first step you need to take is to make numbers your friend and become comfortable with handling large and complex numbers. The fundamental way to begin would be to revise your mathematical tables and formulas thoroughly.

2. Get your Concepts Right

Mathematics is more about conceptual understanding than rote learning. One may learn the many formulas involved in Mathematics but where to use those formulas and how to use those formulas requires a deep understanding about the concepts. Clarity on this front will take you a long way in acing this section.

3. Speed and Accuracy

More than any other subject, the Quantitative Aptitude tests your speed and accuracy. As there are sectional limits too in the exam, you have to do the questions as quickly as possible. The questions require calculations too, which makes it more challenging than other sections. Along with this you have to attain a certain level of accuracy and answer most questions correctly. So, anyone wanting to do well in this section, needs to do well on these two counts.

4. Time Management

Time is of essence in the Quant section. Because of the lengthy calculations required, as well as the fear of Maths which needs to be overcome, time becomes an important factor in your performance in this section. The overall pressure of writing such a crucial exam that can bring you closer to your dream course in your dream institute adds to the anxiety and can affect time. Therefore, while practicing, it is imperative that you learn the skill of managing time in the exam.

5. Mock Tests

There is no better way to test your preparation levels than writing a number of Mock Tests before the main exam. These tests give a good idea about your performance and help you strategize and plan your course of action for the main day. These tests also reveal to you your strengths and weaknesses, on which you can work and reach your best levels. These tests are also a good way to revise all that you have prepared. In case, there is something amiss, you still have time recover.

It all boils down to the level of your preparation and conceptual clarity in this section that you attain. This, along with speed and accuracy can help you score better in Quant.


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