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It is a test of your aptitude in CAT, Quantitative Aptitude

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It is a test of your aptitude in CAT, Quantitative Aptitude QA

The CAT is as much a test of your aptitude as it is of your speed and accuracy. It requires skill and the ability to handle pressure. Aptitude is something which varies from individual to individual. Some may have an aptitude for Mathematics, some for music and so on. The CAT exam is a test of your aptitude to see whether you have the required mental level for not just the exam but through the exam, the course itself.

1. What is Aptitude?

When you have an aptitude for something, you reach a certain competence level to do a certain kind of work at a certain level. While ability is the knowledge one develops over time, aptitude refers more to the innate ability to do a particular thing. It hints at a natural talent that each individual possesses.

2. CAT tests aptitude

The reason the CAT exam is a test of your aptitude is because not everyone has the skill to attempt the varied number of subjects and topics that CAT tests you on. The CAT exam tests you on areas thought to be a must know for MBA aspirants and executives. Each area points to a different skill that is tested. For instance, the Logical Reasoning section tests your analytical and logical skills while the Verbal Ability sections test your critical and reasoning skills and so on. All these skills are required by modern day business executives in their professional lives. So, a person who scores well in the CAT exam is assumed to possess a certain aptitude, a certain inclination towards these skills.

3. Aptitude expresses keenness

If you have an aptitude for something, it means that you are keen about that subject. It is obvious that an individual who is interested in a certain area will more likely do well in that area. Instead of forcing himself/ herself to work in that field, the willingness to work will come naturally because it is an area which the individual prefers and has some innate talent in. For instance, a gifted musician, who has an aptitude for music will perhaps, not do so well as a Chartered Accountant but will excel as a musician. This is not to say that he cannot become a Chartered Accountant but his real interest lies in the field of music and he is more likely to succeed in that field.

4. Aptitude can be developed

 Though aptitude for something comes more naturally than ability, it doesn’t mean that aptitude cannot be built. The following steps can help you build an aptitude for the CAT exam:

  • Practice Scoring high in CAT is not impossible, provided you are willing to put in the long hours. With regular practice, you can build a flair in the subjects that CAT tests.
  • Conceptual Understanding Understanding the concepts and logic behind the questions is a good way to build the skill required in CAT.
  • Concentration Increase your concentration levels to absorb all that you practice and learn. This will help you retain the knowledge.

The CAT exam, therefore is a test of your aptitude. It tests your competency at various levels and expects you to prove your aptitude in these areas.

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