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Speed is crucial in CAT

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Speed is crucial in CAT

One statement that you will hear every time you tell someone that you are preparing for CAT is – Time is of Essence, Speed Up! Well, to break the bubble, if you are living in any, it is 100% true.

You have 3 hours to crack the exam of your life – CAT 2023, and every second counts.


And along with the speed that you need to have, accuracy is something that must also be balanced.

A few things to keep in mind regarding the time during CAT exam are:

  1. There is equal time for each section – 60 minutes – but the number of questions varies.
  2. You cannot toggle between sections.
  3. You cannot choose which section you want to attempt first.
  4. There are 34 questions in VARC and Quant, so you have approx 1.76 minutes per question.
  5. There are 32 questions in DILR, so you have around 1.88 minutes per question.

Thus it is very important for you to manage your time when you prepare for and finally sit for your exam.

A few Time Tips from our end to help you balance your speed with accuracy for preparation and appearing for CAT 2023 –

TimeTip 1: Dedicate at least 12-16 hours daily while preparation. Take breaks in between but balance them. Because when you sit for exam for 3 hours you will not get any break, thus it is important to keep that habit of sitting for long hours and not get tired.

Time Tip 2: When you attempt a particular section, give yourself a minute or two to scan through the questions it has to offer. This will give you an idea if there are any questions which you want to completely ignore or the ones you would want to attempt first. It is completely ok to leave an entire question if you are not sure of it. Since there is negative marking, there is no point attempting something you are not sure of and ultimately losing out marks.

Time Tip 3: After you are done studying all the areas and move on to attempting the questions, make sure you mimic the exam-time scenario. Devise strategies for questions in Quant and LR which you can apply to solve questions in the exam. The key is to polish your concepts and use them to get 100% accurate results in the final exam.

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